Financial Education Videos

Educating yourself about your finances is a critical step in leading a debt-free life. We know that for many people, learning is easier when you're working with fun, interactive content - that's why we offer our education materials over several different platforms, including webinars, blogs, and our educational videos below.

Enrich Your Life with Norman H. Godwin

We highly recommend you check out the following collection of videos, from Enrich Your Life with Norman H. Godwin. Dr. Godwin is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Auburn University Raymond J. Harbert College of Business. Each video is approximately one minute long and provides witty, insightful explanations of common financial topics. These videos were produced by the Auburn University Media Production Group in association with the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business. Check out each of Dr. Godwin's videos, then visit our CESI YouTube channel for more great financial videos.

Videos 1-5 » Flexible Spending, Same as Cash, Piggy Bank, Insurance Inventory, Pay Yourself First

Videos 6-10 » Discount Points, Deductibles, Credit Score, Credit Report, Compounding Interest

Videos 11-15 » Climbing Out of Debt, 401k, Allowance, Credit Card Jumpers, IRA

Videos 16-20 » Fireproof Safe, FICA, Energy Savings, Do It Yourself, Coupon Codes

Videos 21-26 » Disability Insurance, APR, The Dow, Will, Liability Insurance, Itemizing

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