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At CESI, we believe that education is the key to a better financial future. That’s why financial education is one of the most important services we offer. By learning about money management, you arm yourself with tools to make a difference in your financial future. We have created a list of specific resource to help you on your journey. These resources will help you learn the key principles of getting your financial life on track.

Each of our Financial Education portals below connects you with articles, videos, webinars, financial calculators, and other tools and resources to enhance your financial knowledge. Whether you're looking to improve your credit score or want to save for your dream home, you'll find helpful, practical information that's relevant to you.

CESI Guide to Personal Finance

CESI's Guide to Personal Finance is a 9 chapter PDF guide covering all the basics you need to know to manage your money successfully.


Chapter 1: Strategic Planning »

Chapter 2: Banking Basics »

Chapter 3: Handling Debt »

Chapter 4: Building a Budget »

Chapter 5: How Credit Works »

Chapter 6: Planning for Retirement »

Chapter 7: Housing »

Chapter 8: When Things Go Wrong »

Chapter 9: Student Debt »

CESI Challenge Series

The CESI Challenge Series is a series of resources and eBooks to help you on your financial journey. Get started with Budgeting, Saving Money and more with these helpful guides


Financial Calculators

Our Financial Calculators can help you make decisions on matters ranging from mortgages, budgets, debt, college education, savings, loans, credit card payments, and much more.


Free Annual Credit Report

You can get your free annual credit report by visiting and requesting a free copy of your credit report. Annual Credit is the only government authorized distributor of free credit reports by federal law.

Additional Resources

Bankruptcy Resource Center »
CESI Guide to Personal Finance Curriculum »
Credit & Debt Resource Center »
Planning & Saving »
Videos »

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