Financial Education is Key to a Secure Financial Future

We can help you get out of debt. But to ensure a healthy financial future, you need the tools and knowledge to make smart money decisions. That’s why CESI offers a variety of educational resources to help you better manage your finances and learn to live debt-free.

Learn to Live Debt-Free

You can take advantage of all of our financial education resources for free. Our online educational material, the CESI Guide to Personal Finance curriculum, is a self-paced instructional program you can do from home. It teaches the financial management skills you need including money management, responsible credit card use, budgeting, and debt management. Additional educational tools and resources include our financial calculatorsand videos.

Educating the Community

CESI is committed to providing strong community outreach programs to the public. We offer classes and workshops through a variety of community organizations and groups that’ve partnered with us to promote financial literacy. We work with local colleges and universities, non-profit agencies, schools, churches, and more. Our financial education programs focus on helping students learn how to avoid debt, earn and maintain good credit, manage their personal finances, protect their finances and more.

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