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Credit and Debt Resources

Credit refers to money, goods or services offered with payment occurring over a period of time. Credit cards, auto loans, store cards, personal loans and mortgages are all common forms of consumer credit.

While credit can work to your advantage if used correctly and paid off in full each month, many people find themselves in trouble after spending more than they can afford. Generally if credit is not paid off within the specified period of time, interest and/or a late fee is charged on the outstanding balance, and the charges continue to increase until the balance is paid off.

The number of people in the US with unmanageable debt in their lives has increased significantly. Debt presents itself in a variety of different ways, and everyone can encounter being in a debt situation at some point in their life. If you’ve found yourself in over your head, explore the links in our Credit and Debt Resource Center below, and call us any time to explore your debt relief options.

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