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Representative Payee FAQ

Are you wondering what a Representative Payee is? Who needs one and why are they used? Here are some basic facts to clear up any confusion about this important service.

Who needs a Representative Payee?

People collect Social Security Disability benefits for a variety of reasons. Often, there is a physical or cognitive impairment that prevents the individual from working. Social Security Disability Benefits allow the person who collects them to receive monthly payments that allows for independence in spite of their disability.

In some cases, the person collecting disability benefits is unable to manage those benefits for themselves. They may be suffering from a mental illness, an addiction or a disability severe enough to prevent them from successfully managing their personal finances. In these situations, it is sometimes necessary to appoint someone who can manage the finances of the beneficiary safely. The person providing this service is referred to as a Representative Payee.

What does a Representative Payee Do?

The main purpose of the Representative Payee is to oversee the financial needs of the Social Security beneficiary. They are responsible to:

  • Use Social Security Benefits to provide for the basic needs of the beneficiary including food, shelter, clothing, medical care and personal care items
  • Report to the Social Security Administration any changes that could impact the beneficiary’s amount of, or right to receive benefits
  • Provide a written account of how the funds were spent

Who Can Serve as a Representative Payee?

In many cases, the person selected to serve as Representative Payee is an individual who knows and cares for the beneficiary. Ideally, they see the beneficiary regularly and can provide ongoing assistance with their finances. This may include:

  • A family member
  • A close friend
  • A legal guardian
  • A lawyer
  • A caseworker

Sometimes, an individual does not have a person in their life that is able to fulfill the role of Representative Payee. In these situations, the Social Security Administration can assign an individual or organization to provide these services. Social Service Agencies, Nursing Homes or other organizations may be used to provide Representative Payee Services.

How Do I Learn More About Representative Payee Services?

To learn more about Representative Payee services, you can visit the SSA Frequently Asked Question page. You can also download a copy of When A Representative Payee Manages Your Money for further information.

How CESI’s Representative Payee Program Can Help

For individuals who do not have a trusted family member or friend to assist them with managing their SSA Disability Benefits, CESI offers a Representative Payee program. Our trusted, certified counselors provide

  • Secure automated 3rd party payment of all bills
  • Licensed and Bonded Service
  • Service in Partnership with Local Agencies
  • Security
  • Ongoing Counseling
  • Monthly Reporting and Tracking
  • Budgeting Assistance
  • Detailed views of Income and Expenditures

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