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What to Expect at Month Three

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What to Expect By the Third Month

Month three is when you will start seeing significant differences in your debt situation. At this point, you’re experiencing the reality of your lifestyle change. To maintain your progress towards financial freedom, you’ve had to make adjustments. You’re not eating out as much. You’ve stopped spending money on extras that you used to splurge on. It can be difficult. It can even seem as if you’ve lost some freedom.

It’s Worth It!

But rest assured it’s worth it. For the ones who make the commitment to continue on with their plan even though it’s difficult, the benefits are more than enough to make up for the tough adjustment. For continued support and encouragement, your CESI counselor is available for additional counseling sessions throughout your time on the debt management plan.

Stay Positive

The good news is you’re seeing progress. By now, you should be receiving your full creditor benefits and your monthly statements from CESI, showing what you’ve paid towards each of your debts. It’s exciting and encouraging. The debt you thought would never go away is decreasing every month. Keep your eyes on the future because it’s going to keep getting brighter.


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