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What To Expect On Your First Call

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What to Expect On Your Free Credit Consultation Call

When you call CESI for the first time, you’ll talk to one of our certified personal financial counselors who will complete a financial assessment by asking questions about your current financial situation including your estimated income and expenses.

New Budget and Action Plan

During this phase of the consultation, your financial counselor will also determine your current spending habits by analyzing your budget to get a clear picture of your income versus your debt load. Your counselor will then re-examine your budget and offer suggestions on how to increase your disposable income. He or she will even provide you with an action plan as well as a copy of the new budget to guide you in making better spending choices.

Once they complete the budget analysis, your credit counselor can assess your debts, expenditures and income. He or she will provide you with the debt management options available for your financial situation and will also help you decide which option is best for you.

Options For Your Situation

Once your financial assessment is complete, your counselor will present you with a few options that he or she feels may work for you and address the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Your counselor will then give you their recommendation of the option they feel will best fit your financial situation.  If the recommendation is a debt management plan, and you’re interested in enrolling, then you will need to have your most recent creditor statements on hand. In order to provide you with a quote on what your debt management payment would be, your counselor will ask you for information about your unsecured debt.

It’s Up To You

After the counselor enters your creditor information, you will receive a payment quote and an estimated payoff time. Then your counselor will send you documentation explaining the debt management plan and how it works.  From this point, it is up to you to decide if you would like to enroll on the debt management plan. The enrollment process is simple and can be done via the Internet or fax.

Make your first credit counseling call today at 1-888-919-CESI to get started down the path to financial freedom!

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Consumer Education Services, Inc. (CESI) is a non-profit service provider of comprehensive personal financial education and solutions for all life stages and for all of life’s milestones. Our goal is enhanced economic security for everyone we serve.


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