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5 Ways To Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Today there are many options when it comes to credit cards. If you have good credit, it’s simple to get approved for a card with good interest rates and a variety of perks. Used correctly, credit can help you build an even better score.  However, if you do not use credit cards responsibly, yo...

What You Need to Know About Cosigning

What’s the big deal about cosigning? If you’ve been asked to cosign for a friend or family member, you probably have questions. You might have heard horror stories regarding cosigning -- and there are plenty out there. Cosigning is a common in the lending industry, but before you agree t...

Should You Hire a Credit Repair Company to Repair Your Credit?

When you are working to pay off debt and rebuil your credit, it is common to ask,“Should I hire a credit repair company to get the job done faster?” We’ve all  seen plenty of ads on TV and websites on the Internet that promise to rebuild your credit quickly. Is it possible to pay someone ...


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