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Myths About Wealth That Keep Us From Managing Money Better

managing money better

Hammers, shoes and sandwiches all serve a purpose and to see good results you have to use each item appropriately. You can use a shoe to hammer nails but the results may be mixed. You can eat your shoe but it won’t taste good or be as nourishing as a sandwich. Not one of these items is better than...

The Impact of Working, Learning From Home on Family Finances

family finances

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned just about every aspect of our lives upside down — starting with our day-to-day work and school obligations, and for many, our family finances. Kids and employees across the country were sent home in March to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Since then, childre...

Tips for Combining Finances Before You Say I Do

combine finances

You’ve done the really hard part and found someone special to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations! Now, let’s set aside the wedding planning and honeymoon dreaming for a bit and talk about combining finances. Merging bank accounts and financial lives isn’t exactly pillow talk, of...

How Your Emotions Impact Spending

emotions impact spending

We know that our money is an extension of us. It doesn’t float around independently, saving itself, is spending itself or giving itself away. Our attitudes and priorities can be found in our money. Our emotions impact spending. One financial expert says that he can tell the kind of person he’s d...

Dollar Store Joy

dollar store

Holidays and special days have taken on more meaning for me while sheltering in place. I’ve had a lot more time to watch the news, keep up with the numbers surrounding the virus, and have my heart touched with stories of people affected by COVID-19. Being four states away from my elderly dad made ...


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