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Celebrating 20 Years of CESI History

CESI 20th Anniversary

Since 1998, Consumer Education Services Inc. (CESI) has been a trusted non-profit resource for  individuals and families who are struggling financially. CESI offers financial counseling and solutions to help consumers address their unsecured debt and support to help make wise financial choices eve...

8 Ways to Save More Money, Even If You’re Broke

save more money

We’d all like to save more money. There are plenty of sites that will tell you ways to save money, but many of them involve tips that require spending money, like “buy a hybrid,” or “refinance your home.” What if you need to save money because you don’t have extra...

Paying Student Loans: Four Steps to Get Started

Paying Student Loans

Paying student loans can seem like watching the kitchen sink clog up—it is tempting to look away, but you might end up with a bigger issue in the end.  The first step to successfully paying student loans is to stop ignoring the problem. If you struggle with paying your student loans, you are not ...

Tailgating on a Budget

tailgating on a budget

For the sports fanatic, tailgating is serious business. You need to nail down the right location in the parking lot; haul grills, tables and giant coolers to the spot; and, finally, get the food and all-too-important drinks just right. All of that can add up quickly. One infographic, created by IPG ...

How Saving Your Spare Change Adds Up

spare change

“Man cashes in pennies he’s been saving for 45 years.” “1.3 million penny collection turns into jackpot.” “Man cashes in 500 pounds of pennies he’s saved over 60 years.” Cash In Your Spare Change Occasionally, a headline will pop up in the news about a thrifty spender who has squirre...


Consumer Education Services, Inc. (CESI) is a non-profit service provider of comprehensive personal financial education and solutions for all life stages and for all of life’s milestones. Our goal is enhanced economic security for everyone we serve.


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