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Why October is an Important Month for College Financial Aid

college financial aid

Most full-time students rely on some form of college financial aid to pay for their education. According to the College Board, about two-thirds cover at least part of the cost for college with grants and scholarships. Among those financial aid dollars, about 57 percent are in the form of grants and ...

What Credit Reporting Agencies Know About You and Where They Get Their Information

Credit Reporting Agencies

Most people know about the big three credit reporting agencies; Equifax, Experion, and Trans Union. The information in your credit report is available to lenders, banks, and credit card companies who make decisions about lending based on the information contained in the report. But what do these cre...

How COVID-19 has Impacted College Students

COVID-19 has impacted college students

The COVID-19 pandemic has served up unprecedented challenges for every segment of the population. Essential workers must protect themselves daily from contracting the coronavirus. With school held remotely across the country, working parents must figure out how they’ll also keep their jobs. And mi...

How Does Your Body React to Financial Danger?

financial danger

We are fully integrated, multi-dimensional beings and everything related to us, affects us.  It’s virtually impossible to separate our thoughts and actions from our bodies. If you lay down to sleep, your whole body follows; your ears and feet don’t rest while your knees and elbows stay ...

Manage Your Money Better with Budgeting Tools

Budgeting Tools

So, you've made the decision to manage your debt. Congratulations! Now what? Great question. First, you'll need tools. Before deciding which tool to...


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