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Elder Financial Abuse: The Scams, Red Flags and How to Prevent It

elder financial abuse

Elder financial abuse is a growing problem, even a “burgeoning public health crisis” and “virtual epidemic,” according to some experts, as con artists scam seniors out of their savings, pensions and homes. There is no solid national estimate for just how much our elders lose each year to fra...

First Time Homeownership: Advice from a Housing Counselor

Welcome to another edition of the Young Adult’s Perspective series, where we help newly financially independent young adults make sense of the journey that comes with being on your own. This week, we’ll be taking on one of the biggest challenges in establishing independence: purchasing your own ...

Personal Loans Are Gaining Popularity

personal loans

Car loans. Student loans. Mortgages. Credit card debt. These are the kinds of debt that often get top billing in headlines and stories about those who have financially overextended themselves. But there’s another kind of debt that’s growing, according to the latest consumer debt study from Exper...

Personal Finance Checklist Infographic

personal finance checklist

Financial success can be easy with the right tools. One of our favorite tools to use is a Personal Finance Checklist. When you have a full understanding of your financial picture, it’s easier to take steps toward financial security. Creating a personal finance checklist, especially if you upda...

Should You Get a Store Credit Card?

store credit card

Store Credit Card, yes or no? Spoiler alert: They often are too good to be true “Save 5% on all purchases!” “Get cash back!” “Cut your costs at the pump!” At checkout at many big box stores, supermarkets and mall shops, it’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing a pitch for the store’s ...


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