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How Frugal Is Too Frugal?


Lately I’ve read several articles about the extreme things people do to save money. Take this article about a “dumpster dive café” or this one about eating roadkill for example. OK, so obviously not everyone finds these ideas to be too extreme, but it got me thinking – where is the line bet...

Federal Student Loan Collectors: What Can They Do?

what can student loan collectors do?

Federal student loan collectors have different guidelines and abilities when it comes to collecting student debt. Find out what they can do and what you can do to protect yourself against these measures. If you have federal student loans that are past due or in default, your economic stability could...

Dating and Money Issues

dating stories about money

“My name is Blaine. I like long walks on the beach, cuddling on the couch, and interesting conversation.” Wow, that’s great and all, but how does your credit report look? Dating and money can be tricky business. None of us want to be perceived as gold diggers. On the other hand, though, we als...

Banking Basics 101: Online Banking

For those of you that have been sold on the idea that you do need the services provided by a bank, and those of you who have been banking for a while, we all have the same issue; how do I track my accounts and spending? Overdraft fees on average are going to cost you $35. If you factor in…

Banking Basics 101: Interest Matters

savings accounts interest rates

It would seem that the decision to put your money into an interest bearing account would be a no-brainer, but often times a no-interest checking account will be more cost effective. Having said that, how do you decide what interest bearing accounts to put your hard earned money into? One issue with ...


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