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Bankruptcy From a Debtor’s Point of View

post bankruptcy survival

With the ongoing financial crisis looking up for many people, one would expect the need for bankruptcy protection to be reduced. In fact this is not true. Many families have been struggling through the initial crisis only to be hit by unforeseen problems that push them closer to bankruptcy. A lot of...

10 Fun and Frugal Lunch Ideas

save money on lunches

Are you tired of the same old stuff for lunch every day? We all know it’s more economical to pack a lunch than it is to eat out, but it’s easy to get into a lunch rut. For those who want to save money on lunches, but are lacking in the inspiration department, here are 10 ideas to spice up&hellip...

Free Consumer Credit Counseling

how can free consumer credit counseling help me

Looking for Free Consumer Credit Counseling? You may have heard that it can help you eliminate your debt problem, but do you know where to start and what to look for when evaluating a credit counseling agency? Our handy guide will help you learn what credit counseling is, how it can help you and how...

The Benefits of Drinking Water

why you should drink more water

It is hard to find an argument for not drinking water on a daily basis. While we know we should, many of us do not get the amount of water that we need. This can be especially problematic when we substitute soda and juice as an alternative, which can increase monthly spending and have an impact on o...

Top 5 Worst Reasons For Taking Out Student Loans

reasons for taking out student loan debt

According to a recent article by MSN Money, college graduates are leaving school with an average student loan debt of $24,000. Student loan debt has been the subject of much debate, forcing college students to examine the real cost of education. While traditionally student loan debt has been seen as...


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