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Confessions of a Dollar Store Shopper

what to buy at the dollar store

I confess: I’ve been a dollar store shopper all my life. Growing up in a family of 7, there wasn’t often an excess of spending money, so I learned the art of dollar store shopping early – and I’ll happily admit that I still find gifts there today. If you haven’t been to a dollar store in y...

Dating: When to Split the Check

who should pay on a date

In these modern times, women and men are equal and often share the financial responsibilities with each other. I’m all for equality and financial independence, but where is the line between gentlemen and jerk? When is it appropriate to split the check on a date? If I insist on paying, am I insulti...

Ways to Earn Extra Money

ways to supplement your income

Supplementing your income can sometimes be a tough task to accomplish, especially during hard economic times. We all face times when we’re low on cash, so we’ve come up with some ways to earn extra money. Although none of these ideas will help you strike it rich, here are a few easy ways to supp...

Men vs. Women: Debt and Spending

gender differences in debt

Men and women are united in their struggle to stay out of debt and be responsible with money, but there are gender differences in how they handle debt and spending. So who comes out on top in the battle of men vs. women: debt and spending? While there isn’t much published research on gender differ...

It’s Summer and It’s Hot. How Much Water Should You Drink?

how much water do you need to stay hydrated

A Guest Post by Frank Graff of 919 Marketing With another day in a long summer of days with temperatures close to 100, it seems that almost every time I turn on the news I hear the same warning: “Stay Hydrated.” And I would imagine with most of the country sweltering in a heat wave, many America...


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