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Frugality Boot Camp: 5 Training Tips for Thrifty Living

boot camp

As a child, we all have a tendency to imagine the fabulous life we will live as adults. You probably never thought you’d have to delve into the realm of living on a budget, but real life and adult responsibilities can work together to burst your bubble. Don’t fret if you have to make som...

Looking For Cheap Plane Tickets?

cheap plane fare

Are you looking for cheap plane tickets? Recently, American Airlines and United Airlines joined Delta Airlines to offer a new option for budget travelers --  “basic economy” tickets. Just the name of those tickets, “basic economy,” may sound like music to the ears of budget travelers everyw...

5 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making

money mistakes you might be making

Being an adult is hard work. Being an adult without making money mistakes is even harder work, especially if you are just starting out as a young adult working on your career and learning how to handle financial responsibilities,  We’ve all done it a few times -- you are likely to make money ...

Savings vs. Money Market Account – Which is Best?

Savings money jar

Building a plan to save your hard-earned money is essential for good financial health. And, once you start saving that money -- whether it’s $5 a week or $500 a month -- that plan should include where exactly you’ll put all of that cash. For new savers, the options can be confusing, especially a...

Five Easy Ways to Save Money (Without Skipping Anything)

ways to save money

When people think about saving money, they usually think about cost-cutting measures that involve going without things they would have spent money on. Although this is one way to cut back on spending, it can also be an unpleasant process. If your need to save money is not too critical, there are sev...

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