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Sarah Hall is a long-time journalist, editor and content writer specializing in topics such as personal finance, parenting, health, travel and food

Can You Save Time and Money Using Grocery Delivery Services?

If the aisles of your grocery store seem just a little bit less crowded these days, here’s why: More and more people are ordering their groceries online using Grocery Delivery Services. By 2022, the Food Marketing Institute says that consumers could be spending $100 billion a year on grocery deliv...

Tips to Save on Back To School Essentials

Parents with kids in grade school through high school will shell out an average of $684 to prepare for the 2018-19 back to school -- the third highest total since the National Retail Federation has been tracking the amount in its annual back-to-school survey. Shoppers, according to the survey, plan ...

Looking for a Bargain? 5 Things You Can Do at the Library for Free

Nearly half of U.S. adults, age 16 and older, visited a library or bookmobile in the past year, according to a study from the Pew Research Center. And while about 64 percent of them went there to check out a book or two, many visited for other reasons. Indeed, these days, you’ll find more in the l...


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