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Sarah Hall is a long-time journalist, editor and content writer specializing in topics such as personal finance, parenting, health, travel and food

Ready for Christmas? Start Prepping for Holiday Gift Giving Now!

Halloween is still a month or so away. Is it really time to start preparing for holiday gift giving? The answer is easy: Yes! Christmas and other winter holidays can turn into major expenses for American families. In 2016, holiday retail sales in the United States totaled $655 billion, according to ...

Will You Be Able To Pay For Your Child’s College Education?

5 excellent resources to get familiar with now It’s go time for parents of high school seniors, who are heading to college a year from now. College visits should be wrapping up. Standardized tests scores should be just about polished. And the hard work of filling out those college applications has...

Buyer Beware: Watch Out For Deceptive Car Ads

There’s no question: Buying a car -- used or new -- is expensive. The average price for a new car topped $34,000 in June 2017, according to Kelley Blue Book analysts. Meanwhile, in 2016, the used-car transaction price reached a record high at $19,200, according to Edmunds. Considering that financi...

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