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If you have been told that your account has gone inactive, you probably have questions. We’ve prepared a list of questions and answers to help you navigate what to do when you have an inactive account. If you have questions that we did not answer, please contact Customer Care at 866-635-7120.

Inactive Account FAQ:

How does my account become inactive? 

If you go 90 consecutive days with no payment to CESI your account will go inactive. The 90 days includes weekend and holidays.

What does it mean when my account is inactive?

Inactive status means you will no longer have an active account with CESI. Your creditors will be notified that you’ve been dropped from the Debt Management Program and you may lose your creditor benefits.

How do missed payments impact my account?

Some creditors may drop you from the program after missing 2 consecutive payments on the debt management program. If the creditor drops you they will mail a letter to you.

Will my interest rates change when my account is inactive?

When your accounts go inactive they are removed from the program and your creditors will put your interest back at the original contract interest rate. If your payments were lowered they may increase, if you had reduced or waived fees these will resume.

My payment is scheduled on a weekend or holiday -- what will happen?

Payment needs to be made no later then the 89th day to avoid inactive status. If your payment date lands on a weekend or holiday it will draft the following business day.  If this date will cause your account to become inactive, we advise moving your payment date to an earlier business day to avoid going inactive.

My account went inactive, what are my options?

It’s best to call Customer Care at 866-635-7120 to discuss your options as each situation and creditor is different.

I was told I can rejoin, what should I do now?

You will need to call Customer Care at 866-635-7120 with the full account numbers and current balances of each account you will enrolling. If you have not been making payments to the original creditor, you will need to contact them to verify that they have not sold it to a 3rd party collection.

I am a former client of CESI,  but I have new debt, what are my options?

You can rejoin the debt management program. Call CESI at 866-635-7121 and speak with a counselor.




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