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Pet Care for Our Furry Family Members

pet care

To say that the COVID pandemic has been a difficult time is an understatement, I realize this. To counterbalance the strain, people have been intentionally looking for ways to comfort themselves and their families. A tremendous upside has been the boost in pet adoptions. Many animal shelters are having every pet adopted out. People posted pics on social media showing puppy-joy, loving older animals in their twilight years, and that the preferred sleeping place for cats is a warm computer keyboard. Even as I spent hours “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over really sweet pet videos, I had a very small but persistent irritation in my heart and mind. Have all these recent pet parents truly thought through the cost of adopting a pet? What happens if they realize they’re in over their heads? What happens when our communities start opening back up?

I appreciate people discovering the amazing benefits of owning a pet but I also realize that many decisions to adopt were probably emotional. That’s not to say that emotions are bad when making a decision, but acting first and thinking later could end up with an innocent animal paying the price.  I really want pet ownership to be lovely, but accompanying money issues can dampen the experience.  We hope to provide some hints to help you and your fur babies (or lizards, fish, birds, snakes, or arachnids).

All Creatures Great and Small

If you’ve read our blog before you know that one of the basics of financial health is having a budget and your pets should be factored into your household expenses. It’s really helpful to have pet care needs to be broken down into categories:

  • Food, snacks, supplements, vitamins
  • Accessories, flea/tick collars, puppy pads, soap/shampoo (anything that you buy regularly for human members of your house, like diapers, etc.)
  • 20-30 gallon tank for tarantulas (plus crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers, and roaches to feed them), ceramic heater (they like it warm)
  • Dog pen, doggie bed, cat tree, collar/harness, leash, and any one-time purchase (maybe even a cute sweater)
  • Veterinarian visits, medication, emergency clinic visits, training sessions, grooming visits
  • Medical insurance, pet burial/cremation insurance

Also, another reality is that animals are social. If your pet is languishing from loneliness, will you have to adopt a pet for your pet? More animals=more cost.  It may seem like a lot to think about but every aspect should be considered so that you can give your pet a healthy and happy life.

Ways to save for Spot, Lulu, Pickles and Aragog

  • When shopping for your biped family members at membership warehouses, don’t forget the four-footed (or eight-legged) ones. There are usually great selections of food, beds, and accessories at great savings, and often much less than at specialty pet stores.
  • You can actually learn almost anything on YouTube, including how to train your pet. The savings can be substantial, as individual classes can range from $50-$70 and obedience courses from $200-$600.
  • Take time to comparison shop for pet insurance and pet medications. If you join social media or neighborhood groups, they can be a great resource for cost-saving ideas for vets and reward loyalty clubs. You may also save even more money by sharing the cost of bulk items with other pet parents.
  • Pet insurance is really important if your fur or feather baby has an accident, ingests something hazardous, or gets sick. Emergency visits are a hit to the wallet, particularly if made during off-hours. Even if little Tabitha is a healthy kitten, still consider getting insurance. Animals can develop chronic health issues and it’s best to be covered.

Keep the pet shelters empty…please adopt!

This blog is certainly not meant to discourage anyone from adopting a pet, but rather, it’s to make sure you’re ready and have thought through every aspect of their care. The return on investment with a pet is love, and the joy they give is priceless.

The team at CESI is committed to helping you make wise financial decisions and to helping you understand how to get out and stay out of debt.  For a free debt analysis, contact us and find out how we can help.


1 Response to Pet Care for Our Furry Family Members

  1. Zofia Kramer says:

    Yes! Thanks for this info! Recently, my little dog got sick and I had to get information on payday loans, so I could afford the medicines 🙁 this wouldn’t have happened if I had pet care, so thank you again for this blog post!

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