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Kindness in the Time of Covid-19


For many of us, the world might seem a little bit scary and hopeless right about now now. We read or watch the news, hoping for something good, but often we end up hearing about things that fill us with anger, fear, or anxiety.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began to pick up steam here in the U.S., I think many were disheartened to see their neighbors hoarding necessary supplies. The young men who drove from state to state to corner the market on hand sanitizer with the sole purpose of selling it back to the public at six times the purchase price…painful. The husband and wife who rented a U-Haul and packed it full of toilet paper and wouldn’t sell any to people who were standing in line…yikes. THEN…like small beacons of love and light, stories of kindness and sacrifice began to emerge.

  • A couple ordered food from Colonial Steakhouse in Pine Bluff, AK. When they picked up their food, they left their stimulus check as a tip to be divided among the staff.
  • U.K. butcher, Dave Jones, posted the following on his Twitter account: “If anyone near our shop has to self isolate over the coronavirus and are on benefits I will put together a two week food parcel that will be delivered to your door.”
  • San Francisco opened 18 sites for students to pick up breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as boxes of food for the weekend. Oh, and the options were healthy and made up of primarily fresh food, and the families didn’t have to leave their cars to receive their supplies.
  • The organization, Kids For Peace asks their members to “Sing a happy song! Go curbside caroling with your family; create a music video and share far and wide; sing from your window like the Italians, or simply sing along with the radio. Send Peaceful Pen Pal letters to other kids. We already have youth in all 50 states and 9 countries participating!” And something to make parents cheer, “Do household chores without being asked – make your bed, pick up your toys, clean your room/bathroom.”
  • Toronto landlord, Chris Boyes sent the following note to his tenants: I would like to relieve some stress off your backs and let you know that you don’t have to worry about rent for the foreseeable future. I will give 30 days notice once we resume rent payments, but that won’t be for a while.” Then he added, “PLEASE, if you are financially struggling and are in need of ANYTHING essential, groceries, medicine, you name it, please text me back or email.”

No matter how well we plan, how consistently we save, budget, and look after our finances there are some things we can’t see coming, like pandemics or severe weather events. I am so glad that kindness and human decency can bridge the gap when there are financial deficiencies. We’ll get through this by being kind to one another.

“Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world.” —

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are looking for a solution, CESI is here to help. Our counselors are available to assist if you are experiencing job loss, temporary loss of income or financial hardship during this time. Contact us today for a free financial assessment with one of our certified credit counselors.

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