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CESI Counselor Named NFCC Brighter Financial Future Award Winner

Overcoming financial challenges and achieving financial stability is what the NFCC Brighter Financial Future Award is all about. Teresita Manrique, working with NFCC member Consumer Education Services, Inc. (CESI) managed that and more to become the 2019 winner of the award.

Originally from Venezuela, Manrique moved to Miami, Florida and took a temporary job. Finding herself in a job that did not cover her expenses and with bills to pay, Manrique felt overwhelmed by her situation. Knowing this, her supervisor suggested she give CESI a call. 

After her initial consultation, Manrique enrolled in CESI’s debt management plan in 2018 with the goal of paying off her five credit cards. She also discovered how to manage her money in a way that she wasn’t able to do before. She understood that she would need to make sacrifices, and she never hesitated to do that. 

“CESI provided me with valuable resources such as ideas to reduce my expenses and a wonderful guide on their website called CESI’s Comprehensive guide to personal finance,” said Manrique. “It helped me to organize myself and my finances.”

When Manrique moved to Durham, North Carolina to be closer to her daughter, she called CESI to give them her change of address and met with a pleasant surprise. The CESI offices were located in Raleigh, North Carolina, very close to where she had moved.

This got her thinking that she would very much like to work at CESI and help people the way she had been helped. After applying and interviewing, she was hired. Within two weeks of being hired, she earned her NFCC Counselor Certification.  Manrique has brought the same passion and enthusiasm that she displayed as a client to her new role as a credit counselor for CESI.

“Teresita was first a client and now she has become a certified financial counselor,” said Jonathan Herbin, Human Resources Manager. “This is the best form of success we can imagine for one of our clients.”

The Brighter Financial Future Award was presented with the other NFCC awards at NFCC Connect, the annual gathering of the nation’s largest and longest-serving network of nonprofits dedicated to financial well-being
in Arlington, Virginia.  

About Consumer Education Services:

Consumer Education Services, Inc. (CESI) is a non-profit service provider of comprehensive personal financial education and solutions for all life stages and for all of life’s milestones. Our goal is enhanced economic security for everyone we serve. CESI helps consumers achieve financial freedom by offering a complete life cycle of services including: credit counseling, debt management, housing counseling, student loan solutions, financial education and pre/post-bankruptcy counseling. For more information, please visit

About the NFCC

Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) is the nation’s first and largest nonprofit dedicated to improving people’s financial well-being. With a national network of member offices serving 50 states and Puerto Rico, our NFCC Certified Credit Counselors are financial advocates, empowering millions of consumers to take charge of their finances through one-on-one financial reviews that address credit card debt, student loans, housing decisions and overall money management. Make one of the best financial decisions of your life. For expert guidance and advice, call 800.388.2227 or visit today.

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