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Monthly Archives: April 2019

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Are You Ready for National Financial Capability Month? Three Actions to Take Now

Guest Post By Lila Quintiliani, AFC®, America Saves April is National Financial Capability Month, when the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) and the Ready Campaign encourage people to improve their financial futures and to be prepared when disaster strikes. Here are three actions...

7 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

The cost of  electricity is a worry for many people, especially during the winter or summer months when heating and cooling is more frequently used.  If you are looking for ways to reduce your electric bill, a few simple changes around your home could cut your costs.   7 ways to ...

Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

If you’re struggling with a tight budget, here’s a fun fact to consider: Various government agencies and organizations are holding more than $58 billion in unclaimed money, according to CNN Money, and a piece of that pie could be yours. This isn’t some nefarious plot to keep you from your mone...


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