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Planning a Vacation – What Are Your Pet Care Options?

Pets are part of your family, like a small, furry child. Unfortunately, pets aren’t always welcome when you travel. If you are planning a vacation, and wondering how to make sure your beloved pet is cared for in the process, we have some pet care options for you.

Pet Care Options

1. Check with Your Hotel

Some hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations. For a nominal fee, your pet may be able to travel with you and stay in your room, or stay at a facility similar to a pet hotel. If you are going to be taking the type of vacation that wouldn’t cause stress to your pet, and taking them with you is reasonably accommodated, why not give it a try? Be aware that it is common for hotels to charge an extra fee for pet-friendly rooms, however.

2. Find a Friend or Family Member

If traveling with your pet isn’t a viable option, finding a trustworthy person to watch your dog or cat could be as simple as calling a relative or friend. You already have a relationship with them, so you can rest easier knowing they are someone you can trust. Many people will feel safer having their beloved furry friend watched by someone they are sure will take great care of them. Asking someone you already know may also help save money, or they may even watch them for free, especially if you can offer a barter or trade and watch their pet in the future!

3. Check Reputable Sites

There are a wide variety of websites dedicated to helping people find reliable, affordable animal sitters. Many sites offer background checks, as well as explicitly listed rates for services and what type of pets they will watch. This option can save you money, time, and you are likely to build a reliable, trustworthy connection. Many of these services will even allow you to “audition” a pet sitter and make sure your pet likes them before you travel.

4. Ask Your Network

If your pet goes to a groomer or playgroup, ask if they have a recommendation. Chances are you can find a great option through asking people you already know and trust. After all, good word of mouth can make or break any company so relying on the testimony of trusted individuals can give you peace of mind in knowing Fluffy will be safe and sound.

5. Try a Pet Hotel

Pet hotels are fancier forms of traditional kennels. Many locations offer fun doggy day camp and other activities during the day for Fido to socialize and exercise. You can choose from a variety of pet suites that have impressive amenities like comfy beds, scratching posts, or even televisions that play pet-centric videos. Some hotels offer accommodations for small animals like guinea pigs or exotic animals such as an iguana. There are trained staff members on site 24 hours a day so you can rest easy knowing your fur baby is in capable hands. These options are typically more expensive, but it may be worth it to you if you know your pet is getting top-notch care.

Whatever your budget, there are likely pet care options to be found while you take a much-needed vacation. Planning a trip can be stressful without the worry of who will walk, feed, and give love to your best animal friend. Finding and hiring a reliable pet sitter right away can relieve one bit of stress from your “to-do” list.  By making sure your pet is happy you’ll be sure to enjoy your time away more.

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  1. Recently i have planned to go on a vacation. These information were much needed. Thanks a lot.

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