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Easy Ideas for Cheap Summer Fun

Summer isn’t going to be over for a few more months, and that means that people everywhere are looking for ways to have fun, beat the heat, entertain the kids and not spend a fortune doing it. If you are looking for fun summer family activities can you do without blowing your budget, we’ve gathered some great tips for you!

Here are our best tips for cheap summer fun:

  1. Find free festivals, movies and events in your city. Check your local paper and search your city on the internet to find out what’s happening near you that is cheap or low-cost. It’s common to find concert series in local parks, movie nights for the community or even special showings of free films at select times (typically focused on child-friendly films). Do some research and you are likely to come up with some great options!
  2. Pick up a new hobby. If you have been meaning to learn to play the piano, why not start now? Check out a book on piano for beginners at your local library and get started!
  3. Speaking of your local library, it’s a great source to find some cheap fun. Most libraries have a board where people in the community can promote local events. Plus, most libraries offer free activities and programs you can take advantage of.
  4. Consider camping. It may not be the same as a beach-front house rental, but camping can be fun, and inexpensive to boot. Why not find a campsite near the beach and save all the money you would have spent on that pricy rental?
  5. Plan a picnic. This is one summer activity that never goes out of style. Cook some picnic favorites and take your family to a beach or park for some great family time!
  6. Plan a scavenger hunt. If it’s too hot outside, you can do it at your local mall. All you need is a list of items you need to find and a camera to take a picture of each one. Kids usually love this activity.
  7. Game Night. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned game night. If the weather is nice you can even do it outside. Pop some popcorn and pick a few games to play with your friends or family and it will not cost you a dime.
  8. Find a dollar theatre near you and beat the heat with a fun flick. These theaters often run movies at a reduced rate that have been out for a while but aren’t available on DVD or streaming yet. The movies are not brand new releases,  but it’s still fun – and a big hit with the kids.
  9. Make homemade pizzas with your family. It’s inexpensive and fun to create your own pizzas. Follow your pizza making with a DVD for the whole family and you’ve got a great family fun night.
  10. Explore your city. Chances are there are parks, rivers, trails, and museums that you have never been to. Why not get out and find them? You might find a new favorite spot.

So what are your ideas for cheap summer fun? Share them in the comments.



2 Responses to Easy Ideas for Cheap Summer Fun

  1. Carolyn Klenk says:

    I cannot handle the heat in the summer and I am suppose to stay out of the sun. Also, I am a widow so I do things with my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, play cards and games. Another thing I like to do is go to museums, they are usually free.

    • Tracy East says:

      These are great tips Carolyn! Staying out of the hot sun is always a good idea, and museums are something that kids often enjoy!

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