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4 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

If you have more line items in your budget than you have income to cover them, extra money coming in is one of the best solutions. You may think this means rushing out to find a second job, but that’s not the only way. Here are 4 brilliant ways to make extra money to supplement your income.

Make Extra Money 4 Simple Ways

  1. Drive Miss Daisy (and her pals). You may have heard of driving with Uber or Lyft. But did you know there are over a dozen companies that can connect you and your car with people who need a ride? One major benefit to making extra cash this way is you can do it before or after your regular work hours. If you have a car and don’t mind giving up your favorite evening TV shows, then you’re in business.
  2. Start a vlog. Blogging can take years of self-promotion and consistent content creation to pan out. Why not start a vlog instead? There are a lot of people earning income off of their vlogs! The concept is similar, but how-to videos take much less time to make than blog posts and tend to be more clickable to friends, family, and even perfect strangers. Getting started couldn’t be easier: use your smartphone to tape yourself doing various tasks like putting together a meal, choosing an outfit, creating art, or even putting on makeup. Narrate your videos as an instructor, explaining each step as you go. Title your projects, then upload them with the click of a button, and you’re off.
  3. Rent out that extra room. If you have a spare room and the unique gift of hospitality, then you have all the tools needed to make extra money. Prepare your space by listing its benefits for potential visitors. Does it have a private entrance? Access to your laundry appliances? Is it pet-friendly? Once you know exactly what you’re offering, visit Airbnb to get started listing your space.
  4. Feed the hungry. Become a private chef for your neighbors. The concept is simple, really: You advertise in a local online classified ad your services of cooking double and delivering the extra. Many working parents have the funds to go out to eat but are simply too exhausted to rally the troops for an outing. Their only alternative is to cook, which seems even more daunting. Ordering pizza and Asian cuisine can get old after a while. Who wouldn’t enjoy a home cooked meal delivered? You may be surprised by the demand in your neighborhood, so give it a try. To get started, form a plan. What will you offer customers that traditional delivery doesn’t? Organic? Local? Spicy? Southern? When quoting customers, remember to include the cost of ingredients, gas money, and your time.

Not long ago, the only way to make extra money was to get another gig and enslave yourself to another punch clock. Thankfully, with today’s sharing culture, you can share rides, rooms, meals, and even information in exchange for a few bucks. How do you recommend making extra money on the side? Comment below!

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