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Monthly Archives: July 2016

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6 Steps to Boost Your Income: How to Make Money Without Changing Jobs

Want to know how to make money (and more of it) without leaving your current gig? These 6 steps will position you to earn a pay raise at work.

Rent-to-Own: How Your $700 Computer Can End Up Costing You $2,000

Most of us would quickly run the other way if a merchant told us they were going to charge us $2,000 for an item that is only worth $700, right?  Our response, and rightly so, would probably be somewhere along the lines of “You’re  CRAZY if you think I’m going to spend that much on somet...

Life Insurance: How to Pick the Right Policy For Your Family

It’s not something many of us want to dwell on, but life has no guarantees. At some point, we all will leave our loved ones behind. Life insurance can provide some stability for those left to pick up the pieces -- especially for parents with children. Financial advisors often recommend that new pa...


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