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Financial Freedom is Healthy: It’s Time For Your Checkup!

Everyone knows the beginning symptoms of an illness coming on. The scratchy throat, the dragging energy, and stuffy nose. To prevent the illness from progressing, you often take preventative measures and treat it early.

What about when a financial sickness develops? What are some early signs of a problem? Would you know how to attack the symptoms of a financial problem, and would you apply the same diligence?

Turns out, there are signs of a financial pre-condition that, if left unchecked, will sabotage your health. Or, in this case, your financial freedom.

Furthermore, there are treatments to care for your money health early on, long before the minor annoyance becomes a financial “chronic illness.”

Here are some early warning signs of financial sickness, and what you can do about them today

A lack of financial freedom is compared to a physical sickness.

  • People notice. “Are you ok?” you may be asked. When you’re run down physically, you’ll show the puffy eyes and dragging feet of someone who’s combatting a bug. In the same way, your loved ones may notice you’re struggling financially, but they might feel powerless to help.
  • You feel “off.” You’re not in pain quite yet, but you’re a little off kilter. You can still perform daily tasks, but you know it’s a matter of time before things get worse – unless you make a change. Similarly, if you’re unwell financially, you don’t feel excited, motivated or driven to succeed. Instead, you’re “meh,” and you miss feeling empowered.
  • Your body puts up defenses – sometimes without your permission. You don’t want your nose to stuff up or cause sneezing, but you have little say in the matter. When you’re getting financially sick, you may feel like your bank accounts are acting of their own accord, charging overdraft fees to cover the institution for example, and you’re losing control.
  • You lose your appetite for the good stuff. Food and water are crucial to recovery, but when you’re sick, they can be repulsive. In the same way, when you’re struggling financially, the last thing you want to do is pull yourself up by the boot straps. You’re inexplicably tired of working so hard. Earning money, staying current on bills, and even donating to others – the good stuff – seems unappealing when you’re sick.

Treatments to turn things around

money health

  • Old Fashioned remedies work. To get well, take a page out of history and do things the way previous generations did. Save up for things instead of using credit. Stash away a few bucks each paycheck for the future. Learn to love inexpensive cultural activities and teach your kids to do likewise. Get up hours before you need to, in order to achieve your financial goals. Work hard, but get ample, deep rest when the job’s done. Grandma would be so proud.
  • See an expert. Phoning your medical professional when there’s a physical problem is smart. Not only can a doctor help you diagnose, he also has treatments you didn’t even know were available. In the same way, nonprofit financial experts  have your best interest at heart and want to see you well. In fact, it’s what they do every day. So call for a “checkup” before you get too sick.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the saying goes. Stay on top of your bills, exercise your financial freedom muscles by pushing yourself to stay within budget, and consume nutritious information instead of the “junk food” of celebrity gossip or other unproductive media. When everyone else is getting the bug, you’ll stay strong -- financially and physically.



2 Responses to Financial Freedom is Healthy: It’s Time For Your Checkup!

  1. Alexander Henderson III says:

    My pathway to success is anything but hell. My dad and I both share the same name and live under the same roof. He has an account with centurylink that he lets me wifi to my laptop. My identity is in jeopardy due to him getting into and using my SSN as well as other personal info to steel my money market accounts. I received a 1095B yesterday in the mail addressed to him but it had my SSN within the paperwork. I am lost distraught and alone with no friends, privacy or anywhere safe as far as my financial life is concerned. I also have about 70% of my phone calls are scammers. Thank you very much for your time and efforts, but I am a broke joke with no job and just I am $^$^**$*$(&%(. Hope you all have a good day!!

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