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30 Free Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids This Spring

Have fun with your kids

Looking for free ways to have fun with your kids now that the weather is getting nice again? You can have fun with your kids without breaking the bank. Here are 30 ways to have fun as a family, without spending a dime.

  1. Play in the Park. Visit your local park and let your kids run free.
  2. Go on a Picnic. Head outside for dinner or head to the park with a blanket for lunch on the weekend.
  3. Blow Bubbles. Make your own bubble solution by mixing one part dish soap with four parts water.
  4. Go for a Hike. Take the kids out for a hike along a local trail. Don’t forget to wear bug spray and sunscreen!
  5. Play Charades Outside. Take the classic game of Charades outdoors.
  6. Work in the Garden. Sunflowers, peas, and lettuce are easy enough for kids to grow.
  7. Make a Movie. Use the video camera on your phone to make your own movie.
  8. Visit the Library. Local libraries tend to have a lot of free programs for kids.
  9. Dye Eggs. Dye hard boiled eggs by soaking them in a mixture of food dye, one cup of hot water, and one teaspoon of vinegar for 10 minutes or longer.
  10. Have an Outdoor Dance Party. Bring a small stereo outside, play your kids’ favorite music and dance the day away.
  11. Play Twister. Color or paint paper plates or cut out large circles from colored paper, then lay out on the ground to make your own Twister board.
  12. Play Hide and Seek. A rainy day classic, hide and seek can be fun to play outdoors, if your yard is large enough.
  13. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. If your kids love animals, volunteering at a shelter is a great way to have fun with your kids while helping out.
  14. Go Star Gazing. Grab a blanket and head to a park or other grassy area on a clear, dark night to look at the stars.
  15. Learn a Language. Teach your kids a new language using a free app such as Duolingo.
  16. Make a “Volcano”. Combine vinegar and baking soda in a cup or glass and watch your kids be amazed.
  17. Build a Fort. Use furniture, blankets and pillows to make a secret hiding place.
  18. DIY Percussion. Turn empty buckets, jars of dried beans, and metal pans into a percussion ensemble.
  19. Have a Sing-A-Long. Pick a song and sing along to it or have a singing contest to see who can remember the most words.
  20. Make a Meal Together. Have a themed meal night such as Taco Tuesday or Pasta Friday and make it with your kids.
  21. Decorate Old T-Shirts. Grab some Sharpies and have fun drawing or writing on old T-shirts.
  22. Learn Origami. All you need is some square paper and a tutorial to make your own origami masterpiece.
  23. Go “Camping.” Grab some sleeping bags and a tent and camp in your living room or back yard.
  24. Make Play Dough. PBS has a great tutorial for making your own play dough.
  25. Have a Scavenger Hunt. Hide stuff around the house, write out clues and send your kids off to find it.
  26. Make “Stained Glass”. Shave pieces of crayon, the layer between cut pieces of wax paper. Use an iron on a low setting to fuse the paper and crayons together.
  27. Read Together. Pick out a book and take turns reading.
  28. Find a Free Workshop. Places such as the Home Depot offer free workshops for kids on the weekend.
  29. Have a Fashion Show. Let your kids raid your closet and put together outfits, then have them show off their ideas.
  30. Put on a Skit. Get the creative juices flowing by writing and performing a short skit together.

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