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9 Fiscal Reasons to Clean Out Your House

Beyond just a yard sale, there are many ways to benefit financially when you clean out your house.

Everyone wants a clean, spacious home. No one wants clutter, but according to a January 2016 report from the National Association of Professional Organizers, more than half of Americans are overwhelmed by their own clutter.

Not only can decluttering make you feel better, it can also help you financially. Here are some ways your pocketbook may benefit from a clean out.

  1. Income from selling off. Yard sales and consignment stores are popular ways to make a few bucks, as are online sales sites. When you clean out your house you’ll likely find things of value that are hard to simply donate, so sell them instead.
  2. Less spent on upkeep and maintenance of items. Most things you own must be stored, kept clean, maintained, and sometimes even insured. When you get rid of them, the financial responsibility is gone.
  3. Tax breaks. Whatever you don’t sell can be donated, which is not a loss. You’re helping someone else, and your wallet may profit as well. When you drop things off, ask the charity for a donation value guide. This will help you tally what you’ve donated, so that come tax time, you can report your goodwill to the government, and receive a sizable tax break.
  4. No more accidentally missed bills. Being charged late fees because of a financial shortage is one thing, but accidentally losing bills is a whole different animal. Call CESI Solutions to minimize the juggling – both financial and organizational – when it comes to your debts.

There are also many indirect financial benefits to decluttering. Most importantly, decluttering at home has a huge impact on your earning potential, and here’s how.

  1. No more missed connections. If you’re organized at home, then the important business card or phone number you got at the brunch or happy hour won’t get lost. Same with important job fair brochures, educational materials, sales leads, professional resources and the like.
  2. No more bleeding over. Clutter is not just a disorganized pile of possessions. It’s a character trait. When you fail to organize at home, you’ll have the same tendencies at work. Obviously, being tidy at work is crucial, and if cleaning up your act at home helps you stay systematic at work, then you’ll have better job security and a more stable financial future.
  3. No more time spent searching for things. The old adage “Time is Money” rings true when you find yourself searching for your car keys instead of commuting on time, for example. Clutter can waste your time, which translates into money by way of your earning potential.
  4. Eliminate home’s distractions. When you’re clocked in and on the job, you can’t have the mental burden of too many things at home. This can mean worrying about items in storage during a storm, or fretting about neighbors who may be frustrated by the unsightly pile-up behind your garage.
  5. More time to earn. Organizing your stuff again and again takes time. What would you do if you had an extra 15 minutes per day? It may not sound like much, but that can add up to over 90 hours per year, which is plenty of time to start that side-gig you’ve always dreamed about. Plus, the attic or basement space you clear out can be the perfect work space for such an income-generating pastime.

If it’s time to clean out your house, relax and take one step at a time. If you need help staying focused and motivated, print this list and post it to the wall near your soon-to-be cleaned out space. We at CESI Solutions are cheering you on.

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