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Saving Time Is As Good As Saving Money

You’ve heard the old adage “Time is Money” right? It’s not ALWAYS true, but in many cases, it’s absolutely true. When you have a lot on your plate, and something comes along that will save you time, it suddenly becomes worth having….even if it might cost you initially.

Recently, I became aware of a company called


I wasn’t looking for a money saver, or a time saver, but without realizing it, they offered me both in one neat package. You see, I write and plan social media for a living -- but if you are reading CESI’s blog, you might already know that! I write and manage social media about personal finance and saving money. When I was asked to review this service, it occurred to me that it actually fit right into my wheelhouse!

Like many of you, I’m busy. But the social media landscape moves quick -especially for those who work in marketing. Because my time is limited and I want to stay on top of the content we promote, I want to utilize tools that will allow me to work efficiently, move quickly, stay connected and do all of that without sacrificing the quality of my content. CoSchedule ticks those boxes for me.

If you are a content promoter, and you want to save yourself some time (which remember, is worth MONEY), here’s how it works:

  • CoSchedule offers an all in one marketing calendar where I can plan all of my content in one centralized place with easy to use features (Drag and Drop FTW!).  I can plan an entire month at a glance, with one view of my blog pieces, promoted posts, Facebook and Twitter content and more.
  • Workflow management is the missing piece I never realized I was missing! I can solicit feedback from my team on any piece of my content and do it all in one place, available from anywhere I need to work. This is a huge time-saver -- preventing all the back and forth with collaboration via email.
  • WordPress integration -- CoSchedule integrates beautifully with my blog so I can post content directly from the interface, or pull it from my blog. Either way, posting blog content is a snap!

  • Integrated analytics and tracking -- if you know marketing, you know that analytics matter. CoSchedule connects beautifully and offers at a glance tracking to monitor how my content is performing.
  • The ability to manage everything from one place. This is a huge timesaver. Look at all the things you can do from this one tool!



The bottom line? CoSchedule won me over with their feature rich solution. If it saves me time, it saves me money, and that’s just frugal in my book.

Want to learn more about how to save yourself time and money with CoSchedule? Here’s a short video overview explaining how it works:

CoSchedule Overview Video

How about you? What tools and resources do you use to save yourself both time and money? I’d love to learn from you….share your best tips in the comments below and let us know what works for you!

*CESI received a discount on CoSchedule’s account fees in exchange for this review. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I would have paid full price for the features offered.

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