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12 Shopping Addiction Signs That May Surprise You

A shopping addiction is not always easy to see.

We all need to shop. From groceries to clothing to even furniture and cars, we shop to determine the best choice. One added benefit? Shopping is fun. It represents the freedom to choose one option over the other, and that’s a powerful feeling that many people crave. In fact, some people crave it a little too much.

The National Institutes of Health says that for about 6% of the American population, shopping is much more than a necessity or pastime.

It’s an addiction.

Talk Shop

A shopping addiction, or compulsive buying disorder, is a pattern of purchasing habits that become difficult to stop. If left unchecked, a shopping addiction has the power to destroy a person’s future, relationships and life goals.

Buy It for a Song

How do you know if you have a shopping addiction? While other addicts may have more obvious indications of trouble, signs of a shopping addiction can be harder to identify. Alcoholics know when they’re walking into a bar, and cigarette smokers know when they’re reaching for a smoke. Compulsive shoppers, however, may be a little less clear on what constitutes a problem.

Here are 12 signs you might have compulsive buying disorder.

  • You feel great while buying something, but immediately sense remorse, guilt, anger, sadness or shame after purchase.
  • You use the fun of shopping to ease the pain of coping with your life and circumstances. You may have pains from childhood, a current stressful relationship, or just a hard time managing the difficulties of daily life. Whatever the ache, shopping is your medicine.
  • You spend excessive amounts of time juggling accounts or creditors to maintain your spending habits.
  • You can’t envision yourself without credit cards.
  • You have lied to friends or family about how much you’ve spent.
  • Compulsion. You can’t seem to buy just one of something if there are more available.
  • You feel lost if you’re not spending money.
  • You shop to ease the guilt of having bought too much last time you shopped.
  • You can’t take time to “sleep on it” before making a purchase.
  • You put the needs of your spending habit before the needs of others in your care (dependents, pets, etc.).
  • You feel the need to shop after fighting with a spouse or family member.
  • You obsess about money.

What Money Can’t Buy

A shopping addiction can sneak up on you. Shopping is so ingrained in our culture. In fact, you may be in over your head now and not know it. The readily available credit and societal pressures to have everything can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, treatment for a shopping addiction is available. There are many resources that can help, so reach out before you make any more unwise purchases. There is always hope.

If there is any question in your mind, call a nonprofit credit counselor today to shed light on an otherwise murky issue. Forward this article to a friend who may need it, as well.

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  1. Charlen says:

    Great article. I generally buy sweaters and shoes online every day. The article was very helpful.

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