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Bargain Shopping on Groceries – Without Coupons

Bargain shopping at the grocery store without coupons

We all love bargain shopping, right? If you’re like a lot of people, when you hit up the grocery store, you’re probably looking to get everything on your list at the absolute lowest price. That’s normal shopping behavior. So how do you do that without any coupons?

TV shows like Extreme Couponing prove that having a pocket full of coupons can add up to a lot of savings at the grocery store. In reality, the average shopper doesn’t always have a coupon on hand for every needed item. So how can you still get a good deal and check all the items off your list? Alternative bargain shopping--sans the coupons.

Use these three tips to help save money during your next trip to the grocery store:

Look at the Unit Price

This is bargain shopping 101, and it’s also one of the most cost-efficient ways to shop. Instead of looking at the overall price, look at the price per unit. A lot of grocery stores are starting to list both the total price as well as the cost per unit on their price tags.

This is a great way to compare value, especially with different sizes. So often people assume the smaller quantity is the better deal due to the cheaper price. The truth is the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. If you look at the cost per unit, it will help you determine which product and size are the best value for your money.

Check Weekly Flyers

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a good deal on your favorite items. If you don’t have a coupon for your necessities, that’s not a problem. Check weekly flyers from other stores in your neighborhood to see if your favorite items are on sale. Maybe skipping your usual grocery store and venturing off to a new one will help you find red tags on the food you want.

If your favorite foods aren’t on sale this week, there’s always the next. If you don’t need the item urgently, wait until it goes on sale and stock up. Of course, this rule only helps save money if the item is non-perishable or doesn’t expire. There’s no point in bulk shopping if you can’t use all the products by the expiration date. At that point, you’re just wasting money -- and no one likes that.

Don’t be Afraid to Substitute

There’s a lot to say about creativity when it comes to bargain shopping. Think about other ways to use items. Just because you had green beans in mind when you walked into the grocery store doesn’t mean you have to overpay for them. Maybe frozen peas are on sale, and they can easily be substituted into your recipe. Sometimes thinking outside the box can help save money.

There’s nothing in the grocery shopping rule book that says you need to buy name brands. If your favorite Kellogg’s cereal isn’t on sale this week, try the store brand -- you may just be pleasantly surprised by both the value and the taste.

What’s your grocery bargain shopping tip?

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2 Responses to Bargain Shopping on Groceries – Without Coupons

  1. Dana says:

    Don’t grocery shop when your hungry, and stick to a list you make at home first.

  2. […] items such as toilet paper and dish soap then stockpile them in your home. You don’t want to buy items in bulk at full price because that’s expensive. Wait for a sale or a coupon and then buy as many as you […]

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