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Recycling Expired Credit Cards: 7 Creative Uses

Get creative about recycling expired credit cards.

The average American has 3.75 credit cards. That’s a lot of plastic floating around out there. If you feel bad about all the trash you’re throwing out, you can do your small part by recycling expired credit cards. There are a lot of ways to re-use your expired credit cards in a way that can make your life easier and might even save you a little money.

1. Battery Cover

Did you lose the battery cover on your remote control? Did the battery cover fall off your child’s favorite toy? Rather than spending money on a replacement, look into recycling expired credit cards. Take careful measurements, and cut your expired card to provide the needed cover.

2. Decor

If you like funky, personality-infused decor, recycling expired credit cards can be the perfect way to add a little more flair to your living space. Cut your cards up into different shapes and sizes. The bright colors are perfect for a number of crafts. You can use the pieces to decorate a picture frame, or to put around a mirror. If you are careful about matching pieces, you can even create a mosaic. Small, framed mosaics can make great wall decorations.

3. Jacob’s Ladder for Your Kids

Young children love the toy called Jacob’s Ladder. It’s a cool optical illusion that can keep your child busy for at least 30 minutes. You can make a Jacob’s Ladder fairly easily without special tools. However, instead of using wood, consider using your expired credit cards. The principle of creating this toy is the same, whether you use wood blocks or whether you are recycling expired credit cards.

4. Cord Organizer

Look behind your TV or your computer desk. Do you see a nest of tangled cords? You can organize those without spending a dime when you recycle your used credit cards. By cutting notches and circles in your expired credit cards, you can create an organizer that will hold between two and four cords in place. No more mess!

5. Jewelry

A fun way to express yourself can be to create your own jewelry by recycling expired credit cards. You can find tutorials on making credit card bracelets online, with a number of different styles and looks. The colors and pictures often found on credit cards make them ideal for creating a personal look for your jewelry. It’s also possible to turn your old credit cards into earrings.

6. Guitar Picks

Guitar players never seem to have enough picks. Rather than buying new picks every time you run out, you can create your own using old credit cards. You know the size and shape you need, and all you have to do is cut the shape out of the old, useless card. You can even alter the size or shape away from the “standard” guitar pick if you want. This provides you with a handy way to be more comfortable as you make beautiful music.

7. Labels

Old credit cards make great labels. If you want to label something with your name, cut out the portion of your card with your name and attach it to your belongings. If you are labeling drawers or files, you can use the solidly-colored portions of the credit card and write the appropriate label with a Sharpie. It also works as labels for your garden. You can use this method to identify where you planted specific seeds.

With a little creativity it’s possible for you to find multiple lifehacks from recycling expired credit cards.

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