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Gaining Financial Independence with Non-Profit Debt Counseling

Non-profit debt counseling can help you to move towards financial independence

Gaining financial independence is a wonderful goal. With the means to support yourself and save for your future, this kind of freedom allows you to focus on other areas of your life: your career, family and personal goals. Non-profit debt counseling can help you to move towards financial independence by offering you the support of a trained advisor, hand-picked options tailored to your situation and an action plan that will work on your behalf.

Listening Ear

When you face a challenge, whether it’s financial, personal or professional, it always helps to have someone to listen to your experiences. Allowing your feelings and frustrations to come to the surface is the first step towards letting go of the past and embracing a new financial future. Certified, non-profit debt counselors can listen to your challenges and identify opportunities for you to grow in a new direction.

Helpful Advice

Certified financial counselors are skilled in tackling seemingly impossible problems. They can break down a conundrum into manageable pieces, giving you the tools to pay down your debt and increase your savings. Have you always wanted to save for your retirement or buy a home? They can help you identify the best choices for your situation, narrowing down a wide array of options.

Action Plan

Once you and your counselor have narrowed down the best options for you, they will help you create an action plan. Any comprehensive plan will include an evaluation of your current spending habits and a budget to help build awareness moving forward. Even though budgeting may seem to limit your spending, it actually encourages you to think creatively. A strong budget also gives you the opportunity to build savings that can give you financial independence in the long run.

Debt Management

If you mention your concern about your debt load, your counselor may suggest consolidating your loans. Taking this step simplifies your many payments to one bill a month. Consolidating your credit can bring ease to financial burdens while allowing you to stay afloat of essential needs, like housing, food and childcare.

It’s Your Choice

In the end, gaining financial independence is your choice. A financial counselor can offer you a wealth of information to get you started along that path. If you still feel unsure on how to move forward after your conversation with a counselor, you can turn toward CESI’s vast array of online resources, like their videos, blog posts, financial calculators, and a guide to personal finance.

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