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Credit Card Dispute: What Happens After You Dispute a Charge?

credit card dispute

How Does Credit Card Dispute Work?

If you’ve experienced a fraudulent charge or error on a credit card charge, a credit card dispute has a good chance of being resolved in your favor thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act, which regulates how credit card companies handle these disputes. Here’s a breakdown of how credit card dispute works.

What Does Dispute a Charge Mean?

In a credit card transaction, disputing a charge is a situation in which a customer questions the validity of a transaction that was applied to their account. Credit card dispute can happen for reasons including

  • Unauthorized or fraudulent charges
  • Failure by the merchant to deliver merchandise
  • Defective merchandise
  • Billing errors

Complaints about the quality of a product or service don’t qualify as billing error disputes and they don’t get the same protections under the law. To open a credit card dispute, you send a letter explaining the situation along with copies of receipts or other evidence you have to your credit card company.

How do banks investigate disputes on credit cards?

review your statement for errors

If the error is something minor like an arithmetic mistake, the company will probably correct it immediately. If a disputed charge is less than $25, there’s a chance the company will just remove the charge; as the New York Times reports, looking into disputed charges of $25 or less usually isn’t worth the company’s time. But disputes over charges of larger amounts than you authorized generally prompt the credit card issuer to investigate. In that case, the law requires the company to respond to you in writing within 30 days, as stated by the Federal Trade Commission. The company must complete its investigation and resolve the issue within two billing cycles or 90 days, whichever is sooner.


The Credit Card Company Investigates

At this point, the company contacts the seller and investigates the transaction. If it decides that there was a billing error, it’s required to give you a written explanation of the corrections it’s making and to delete both the charge and any interest and fees that went with it. It’s also required to send you a written statement if it decides the bill was correct.

What the Company Can’t Do During the Investigation

disputing a credit card charge

The Fair Credit Billing Act regulates what the company can do while it’s investigating:

  • It can’t try to collect the amount that’s in dispute or the interest on that charge, although you still have to pay the part of your bill that’s not under investigation.
  • It’s not allowed to close your account.
  • It can’t report you to the credit bureaus for failing to pay the disputed charge.

How To Dispute Unauthorized or Fraudulent Charges

The credit card company can decide you owe the disputed amount when there’s a disagreement between you and a merchant over a charge you agreed to. But in a case where you didn’t authorize the charge, there is more protection available for you. If your credit card was stolen and then used to make purchases, the company can’t make you pay more than $50 of the unauthorized amount, as the Federal Trade Commission explains. And if only the card number was stolen, so that you are still holding on to the physical card, you’re not obligated to pay any unauthorized charges.

Finally, the law limits what you owe if your credit card company doesn’t follow the procedures mandated by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Thus, if your credit card issuer tries to collect a charge while it’s investigating or violates the act in any other way, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission.

Need a helpful visual guide to how credit card dispute works? We’ve created a credit card dispute infographic that walks you through the process and highlights both your rights and your responsibilities when disputing a charge with a creditor.

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218 Responses to Credit Card Dispute: What Happens After You Dispute a Charge?

  1. Joshua Kammerzell says:

    Discover sent me an email that they were reporting me to the credit bureau for appealing a denial of their investigation of a charge on my credit card.

    • Tracy East says:

      Were you able to contact the credit card company and work out a solution Joshua?

    • Haydee says:

      Hi, I went out the country and was getting veneers, I gave them my credit card. I then changed my mind and told them I didn’t want the veneers and to please don’t charge my card. They insist I get them which I refused and told them no, not to charge my card. I left with out the veneers and I noticed they charged my card anyway. They insisted that I get them done and wouldn’t agree not to charge my card. Will I be able to get my credit back on my card?

      • Gabi says:

        U would need to read any terms & conditions u signed with provider. Did it come with a warranty. If so how long. But usually, if u did not leave with the product, they should not bill for the product. And if they did bill u for the product, they should refund amount. I’m not an attorney but u may want to dispute the transaction with your credit card company.

  2. Sarah says:

    I had a contract with an SEO company and canceled the contract. They billed me for the last month and charged my credit card, but only did 2 hours out of 29 hours of work and admitted that in email. The previous month I had told them I did not want to pay by credit card anymore and moving forward I would be paying with check (this was before I knew I was canceling). When I disputed the invoice they sent me for the last month since they did only 2 hours of work and they were supposed to do 29 hours of work per month. They just charged my credit card. I see there are two problems here – charging my CC without authorization and charging me for a service they did not perform per the contract. Is this legal?

  3. Celena says:

    I was a victim in fraud, whereas someone I knew told me they were adding money to my card and that they would get half of that amount by me making purchases, however it was not so because I made the purchases and they took the items and now I’m left with that bill. What should I do ?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Celena – I’m so sorry we missed your comment! If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, you should certainly report it. A great place to start is this government website with many resources and links to help you get started

      Let us know how it turns out!

    • Allison Hathaway says:

      Hi Celena,

      I had the same thing happen to me. I was wondering how you got it resolved and refunded the amount lost on the card?

      Any help would be very appreciated.

  4. Jessica says:

    I had a heating cooling company charge my card on a agreed amount for a furnace install, the furnace install did not happen as I canceled the install due to company lies and run around about what I was truly getting. I received a email from company owner stating full refund would be given which was 13 business days ago.
    I just disputed with my credit card what should I expect to happen after this?

  5. ali says:

    hi, i filed a dispute with american express for $9000, what happens if the fraud investiagtion completed and i never reponded to the mails and calls.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Ali – We can’t give a specific answer to what would happen in that situation, but I’m certain your creditor could give you an idea. Let us know how it turns out!

  6. JayA says:

    Once an investigation is completed and a charge is confirmed to be unauthorized, does the credit card company typically tell the vendor that? Or do they just go ahead and credit my account without further communication with the vendor. Does the vendor find out that the charge was deemed unauthorized? If so, does that vendor still get paid for that transaction, even if I get credited the amount? I had a situation where I had already paid my credit card bill, but weeks later saw that a charge was unauthorized and I was eventually credited. But was wondering if that company still got paid or if they had to return the cost of them at unauthorized purchase. Thank you!

    • Tracy East says:

      The best way to know for sure, is to contact your particular creditor and ask what their policy is. It’s hard to say for certain if every creditor follows the policy of notifying the vendor. I’d simply give your creditor a call and ask them to answer how the situation was resolved with the vendor.

      Let us know how it turns out!

      • Lisa Moore says:

        No, once a transactions is deemed unauthorized the payment is taken from the vendor.

      • Monali says:

        I was requesting for dispute the transaction out of my account but because I don’t drive and they credit me back with temporary credit back to my account and I receive the notice the researchers is completely and they going to removed any reimbursement of feeds related to the claims. Can someone make myself clear what is this all about.i don’t understand

        • Tracy East says:

          Thanks for reaching out! Your best option for understanding the dispute you filed is with the creditor who handled it. They have the specifics of the situation and should be able to explain it fully. If you aren’t clear with the explanation they offer, keep asking for someone else to explain it until they connect you with someone who can help. Best of luck resolving the situation!

  7. SB says:

    I reported thousands of dollars of unauthorized charges that were made online (iTunes)- they were not made to my iTunes account and the charges maxed out my card and Chase never notified me or alerted me to potential fraud. I reported the fraud on October 1, 2016, and all the charges were reimbursed into my account. I got the initial letter from the fraud department shortly afterwards. No affidavit was provided and they have not asked for any other information.

    It has been over two billing cycles and I’ve heard nothing about the investigation- the charges are still removed. I don’t want to call them bc I’ve dealt with chase before in a fraud investigation, when someone who lived in Atlanta, and I was in Philadelphia, opened a card in my name (but answered the security questions all wrong) and charged over $20k. They tried to tell me they didn’t find fraud- I eventually got it resolved, but it took a lot of time and was very frustrating. My question is since two billing cycles have gone (and over 60 days) what should I do? I don’t want to use that card until I know what’s going on with it. Is chase’s investigation window closed? Thank you!

    • Tracy East says:

      Wow – that’s a tricky situation! I’d tell you to contact the creditor directly since you have not heard anything about resolution, but you indicated that you do not want to call them because of a previous investigation.

      Contacting the creditor directly is always the best way to get your questions answered. If you don’t want to do that, I would inquire at the Federal Trade Commission to learn more about your rights.

      Let us know how it is resolved!

      • SB says:

        Thanks! I may wait another month before contacting them b/c based on what I’ve read it’s the creditors responsibility to investigate within 2 billing cycles. Chase was very rude to me 10 years ago and their “investigation” into my prior fraud claim was a joke- in fact the fraudster had stated in her credit application that my dad was her husband and all kinds of wrong things. I even had proof I was in Philadelphia filiming a reality show where I was videotaped 24 hours a day seven days a week proving I was not in Atlanta at the time of the purchase, and they still tried to get out of it. Plain and simple I don’t trust them and would not like to tip them off that they may be in violation of the FCBA so they can try to pull something. I feel that once 90 days has passed they are basically on the hook & based on how irrational and deceptive they were the first time I want the law to be in my favor . I’ll let you know what happens!

      • Ripudaman Singh Chahal says:

        Hey Tracy what if they find out that we authorised that charge but may have forgot it.

        • Tracy East says:

          If you remember a charge that you authorized but made a mistake on and disputed with your creditor, you should alert them to the mistake. The creditor will be able to walk you through their internal process.

    • Elizabeth says:

      SB – let me know what happens. I am going through the EXACT same situation. Chase is awful to work with and have not tried at all to resolve the situation. They keep “losing” documents and not following up when they say they will, etc. It had been 4 billing cycles and over 120 days for them to come back and say that they were going to validate the fraudulent charge. They called 12/24 asked for more documents (it was Christmas Eve and i was out of town) told them I would get them the documents asap but would take some time and then on 12/26 received a phone call saying that they were closing the claim and the charge was valid. I appealed and the case was reopened and now it is the exact same thing. Saying they dont have documents they do, etc. Since the credit card is through a major bank you need to contact the Comptoller of the Currency. The website is

      Keep me updated on what happens!

      • Vy says:

        I’m having an awful case with chase as well losing my documents and dragging the process along, it’s been almost a year, please help with any advice!! I was a victim of a bait and switch scam and the merchant has many bad reviews.

        • Tracy East says:

          Vy – Have you spoken to management at Chase about your dispute? Sometimes escalation can get the results you are looking for. Write down the name, phone number, title, time and date of every person you speak to so you have a paper trail of your interactions. This can help tremendously. Best of luck on a resolution with your dispute!

  8. Dawn says:

    Chase gave my new card number to a fraudulent business I had canceled my card because of. They created the continuation of fraud and were very rude when I reported it. If I close that card before the dispute is settled is that a bad thing? I’m extremely irritated.

    • Tracy East says:

      I’m sure that’s been very frustrating Dawn! The best thing to do is to contact your creditor directly and ask to speak to a supervisor in the fraud department. If your case is in dispute, there is likely a case number assigned that you will need to provide to the creditor to identify your case. Once you have a supervisor on the line, you can kindly ask for your options to resolve the situation, and inform them that you wish to close your account. They will be able to give you specific instructions about how that would be handled during an active dispute. Best of luck in resolving this quickly – let us know how it turns out!

  9. Kristina says:

    I opened a dispute with two credit cards for a timeshare that I never received or bought, I just received a membership. I tried to cancel everything 4 days after the purchase. Discover resolved my dispute on my favor but RCI Barclaycard won’t they closed my first dispute and I opened a second dispute and they just closed, too. I was scam and I’m sure that I didn’t win the dispute on my favor because RCI is partner with the merchant. What else I can do, my payment due date is on March 12.

    • Tracy East says:

      Kristina – what an unfortunate situation! If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, you can always initiate a complaint through the Federal Trade Commission. – let us know how your situation is resolved!

      • Cindy says:

        I reported Cohen’s Fashion Optical last month to the FTC along with a couple of other agencies, and they didn’t do anything about it. What do you think is the next avenue? I am currently disputing a charge with them as well.

        • Tracy East says:

          It might take a little bit of time for you to see some results – I’d give it a bit more time before you explore other options since you just spoke to the FTC last month. Hang in there and let us know how it turns out!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Kristina:
      I had the same problem where I got some kind of membership, was promised all of these vacations and the membership company can not even verify that I have. I tried to dispute, my claim was denied because they asked me to send them a screen shot from the website to prove I didn’t have the vacations. Well I sent that to them, however, it is hard to prove you don’t have something. All I could send them were the couple of benefits that I DO have. I appealed the decision and they subsequently denied it again. That was months ago and my credit card statement is still showing $3600 in dispute. I’m not sure what to do at this point short of paying it. I also went the FTC route and they were of no help. 🙁

      • Tracy East says:

        Hi Jennifer – Make sure you understand your rights if you still disagree with the decision of the creditor. According to the FTC: “If you disagree with the results of the investigation, you may write to the creditor, but you must act within 10 days after receiving the explanation, and you may indicate that you refuse to pay the disputed amount. At this point, the creditor may begin collection procedures. However, if the creditor reports you to a credit reporting company as delinquent, the report also must state that you don’t think you owe the money.”

  10. aerin says:

    I was going through my bank transactions from the last year and I may have made a mistake in filing a disputed on a gas charge to my debit card. It wasn’t much and it was approved, and I did get my money back. But I only just realized it was a mistake. Should I just let it be? It has been close to a year.

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s an excellent question – I’ve not run across this one before! In your situation, I would likely contact the creditor to explain my mistake and ask them how they would like me to handle it.

  11. Julie Dohan says:

    Chase Credit Card will not honor my credit card dispute of $5900 paid to an incompetent Oral Surgeon whose work cased gum disease and non-use of the implants. I sent Chase Dispute 5 letters from Dentists and an oral surgeon who put in writing “dental work I was charged for is unusable and caused gum disease” This was written on their in e-mail and on their own files Chase keeps charging me Interest and my Credit score has gone down from 823 to 715. Chase says says All my ‘Dental” opinions must be on the Dentist Letterhead ad say this Oral Surgeon committed malpractice and his work is substandard.. This is an unconscionable demand as this is not a Malpractice Case in a Courtroom, and No dentist will attest to “legal malpractice accusations” in writing, On their Letterhead” against one of their own profession. They gave their Medical opinion that the work was unstable and unusable and caused Gum Disease,. This was Not enough for Chase to Stop charging me the $5900 and continued interest – which now is about $400 more!. I gave Chase info that this Oral Surgeon is under investigation by the Florida Health Dept. What do I do?

    • Tracy East says:

      Julie – how frustrating that must be! It appears that your best options to know for sure what the correct course of action is would be consulting an attorney. An attorney would be able to tell you if you have any recourse aside from following the dispute procedures set forth by your creditor. I wish you the best of luck getting your dispute handled to your satisfaction – let us know how it is resolved!

  12. Toneesha says:

    Can anyone give me some advice here?
    I ordered an item from Italy to be shipped to US. $950 usd plus $120 in custom fees. I made the purchase using 250 from my paypal balance which was cash and 700 from my Discover Credit card. The package was shipped via DHL. Well on the day the package was “delivered” at 11 am and left on my doorstep to the time I came home at 6 pm to no package there. Contacted DHL who states GPS had the driver at my home for 6 minutes delivering the package. Opened a claim with DHL, they finally said nothing we can do we delivered the package. Called the shipper to have them file a complaint with DHL and they are saying DHL states they delivered the package. Mind you I still don’t have the item I ordered. So I filled a dispute with Paypal who is saying the same DHL has a delivery confirmation stating the package was delivered. I just today filed a complaint with Discover. I’m upset about the losing of $1100. I’m a hard-worker and don’t have money to throw down the drain. My question is is it likely that Discover too will side with DHL? Is there anything further I can do with Paypal?

    • Tracy East says:

      So sorry you have had that experience Toneesha! It sounds like you did the right things by filing complaints with DHL, Paypal and Discover. It’s really hard to say how they will respond, but you’ve taken excellent first steps. Keep us updated about how it turns out!

    • KD says:

      File a police report.

    • sathwik says:

      You can also try to Claim the amount from the sender in Italy that you didn’t receive the item.

  13. Felicia says:

    I checked my bank account and it said I was -$75 in my account. When I called my bank they said that there charges on my account from California. I wasn’t even in California til Wednesday. They said that they were gonna do a full investigation and all the other stuff. They credited me back some of the minus charges. But what happens when they do the investigation and the deem the unauthorized charges authorized? Do I pay that money back that they credited to my account or do they just tell me that the purchases were authorized? this my first time doing a claims so I don’t know what happens?

    • Tracy East says:

      Those are great questions, Felicia – so sorry to hear that you’ve had to deal with unauthorized charges! Take it one step at a time and let the credit card company investigate the fraudulent charges. Chances are there will be no need to take further steps. I’m glad to hear that they have already credited you back some of the charges – hopefully, the rest will be handled quickly. They should have given you a case number when you reported the incident to them, so you should be able to contact them again to check on the status of the investigation. Let us know how it turns out!

  14. Heidi H Ferguson says:

    Life Insurance from Sun coast credit union usesually takes payments out on the 2nd of every month & I transfered my SSI checks from Wellsfargo Bank to Suncoast Credit Union to straighten out my bills and what did this bank do to me they took out $55.55 for my life Ins which I had only $40.00 or less my SSI would have been put in on the third of every month so I thought that I’d be safe well guess what the joke was on me this time they took the payment out three days earlier.What should I do

    • Tracy East says:

      Heidi – Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, so sorry to hear that it happened to you! I’ve found that most often if you contact a company and kindly ask them to investigate the mistake and fix it, they will be more than willing to work with you to make sure it is resolved. Hopefully, the issue can be quickly corrected!

  15. Brandon B. says:

    I, stupidly, made a purchase through a less than reputable site a month ago. I was alright with the $20 charge the site placed on me but what got me by surprise was a $44 charge to another company the same day. I contacted my bank, CITI, and told them that I didn’t authorize the $44 charge. I am currently in the process of disputing the $44 charge but am worried that I may be in the wrong for disputing the charge despite never agreeing to it or putting my information on their site. I know that I paid the $20 out of stupidity but know that I never authorized the $44 purchase. Also, I canceled my card and have since been given a new card.

    • Tracy East says:

      It sounds like you handled that well Brandon – good for you for being so on top of your statements so you recognized the charge right away! Let us know how it turns out.

  16. Bob Kahn says:

    If I dispute a charge on my Chase bill and Chase issues a permanent credit in response, does the merchant have the right to come after me for payment?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Bob

      If you think you don’t owe the creditor money, you must send the collector a letter stating that you believe you do not owe the money to the creditor. You must send this letter to the collector within 30 days of the date you receive the written notification of the debt.

      You may tell the collector not to contact you until you receive proof of the debt. If you decide to do this, you must do it in writing.

      Once you dispute the debt in writing, the collector must stop trying to collect money from you until you receive written proof that you really owe the debt from the collector. Proof should include a written document with your name, the name of the creditor and the amount you owe.

      Note: Disputing the debt will not make it go away. The 30-day period is not a grace period — it is just an investigation period for the creditor to find proof that you do or don’t owe the debt.

      • Greg says:

        The same thing is happening to me now the Avis car rental was horrible kept stalling out tried to call them while I had the car no 1 ever picks up the phones at the car rentals in Miami just goes to Indian cannot understand what the agents says they just hang up Amex did a dispute Amex gave me a permit credit now Avis billing me directly can they do this I believe part of the agreement with taking the Amex card is the dispute process seems unfair they lost the dispute I guess they never answered Amex in time not schocking and they mad so now they sent me a bill demanding the 300.00 can this effect my credit ?? Thanks don’t no what too do

        • Tracy East says:

          So sorry that is happening Greg! The best way to address the situation since you have an ongoing dispute through your creditor (Amex) is to contact Amex directly and let them know that Avis has billed you directly. They should have a protocol in place and will be able to advise you on the next steps to take to resolve the issue. As long as the issue is in dispute with Amex and Avis, you should follow Amex’s guidelines for handling collection attempts. Let us know how it turns out!

  17. Mary says:

    I have been scammed by online website and they have charged me twice for the subscription that I cancelled. I asked them for a refund and they refused to do so.
    I went to Bank of America and told them about what happened, they said I should wait until it’ll be posted to my account so they can start a dispute.
    My first question would be why didn’t bank of America just cancel the transaction before it can be finalized to the merchant?
    And if I did the dispute will I get my money back?

    • Tracy East says:

      Those are great questions, Mary! It is my understanding that a bank cannot cancel a transaction that is in dispute between a vendor and a consumer without an investigation. They are required to do their due diligence and make sure that all parties involved are given equal consideration. If the matter in dispute is found to be fraudulent, your charges should be reversed. Best of luck!

  18. hubert says:

    Can any one give me a suggestion here? I booked a hotel a few weeks ago for a fishing trip. At that time I was told I will be charged immediately, and it happened. The trip is planned for next weekend, and today my buddy canceled his plan. I don’t want to drive a long way alone and it is too expensive for me to pay full by myself. So I tried to cancel the booked room. I called the hotel and was told that I can not cancel my booking. However I don’t remember I was told at the booking moment that it can not be canceled. Do you think I can called my credit card company to dispute it? Many thanks.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hubert – it’s hard to tell without having seen the fine print on what you booked. Some sites allow cancellation, and others do not. If you were charged the full amount instead of using a credit card to hold the reservation without being charged, it may be part of the policy to not allow reservation changes. Did the merchant send you reservation details? I would suggest reading through the fine print to see what is spelled out before trying a dispute.

  19. Kim says:

    Please help me with this case, so I ordered an item online ($70) for my friend’s birthday. My friend lives in California and I live in NYC. I accidentally put it the incorrect delivering address. I contacted the seller right after the purchase, but they did not respond until three hours later and told me my purchase was already processed. They couldn’t modify it and told me to wait for the shipping confirmation so then I could make changes through UPS my choice website. Since the delivering address was wrong to begin with, UPS could not sync the shipment under my account. I couldn’t modify the change in the delivering address. Should I dispute the charge in my bank if they do not refund me?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Kim – that’s a frustrating situation for sure! I’m glad you contacted the seller right away. Before disputing with your bank, I would make sure to exhaust all communication attempts with the seller to see if they will work out a resolution for you. Make sure to keep good records of everyone you talk to as well as the time and date of your conversations. If they do not assist you with resolving the matter, consider disputing the charge with your bank. I’m honestly not sure how they will handle an issue of user error versus fraud. Let us know how it turns out!

      • Lisa Moore says:

        From a seller stand point this is a frustrating situation as well, the seller is losing merchandise to an invalid address and the dispute will revoke payment from the sellers account so they are the ones taking the loss because of a typo or what have you. I know with our system once the order has invoiced we are unable to change the order at all. Some times we just have accept responsibility for our mistakes. I do understand that you can still call your CC company and dispute it an very likely win but is that fair? Is it fair to make the company pay for your mistake?

        • Tracy East says:

          Hi Lisa – It’s my understanding that a mistakenly entered address is not typically grounds for a dispute, but not receiving merchandise ordered is. Mistakes can happen on the part of the vendor or the customer… It’s never a full-proof system is it? 🙂

  20. Rounak says:

    We have a situation we rented a boat from one of the marina, we inspected just the propeller fan and in one of the thing, there was a piece broken. Then we we returned the boat, the guy who inspected the boat said there is a damage in the propeller which can be repaired and he asked that we need to pay $75 as fine and we agreed, since it is visible. Then we went back, after an hour we got a call from marina, saying there are more damage to some other part and there is going to be another repair cost of $322.00 and then after 8 days again marina charged one more repair cost of $515.00. My point here is when the guy who instpected at first never told about all these repairs and now all these are coming in so late. Can I dispute the amount?

    • Tracy East says:

      This is a fair question. Do you have a contract for the rental that covers provisions for how you would be charged for damage? I’m guessing this would be spelled out in a contract, and this is the first place I would look. It certainly seems reasonable that you shouldn’t be charged for any damages that you were not informed of when returning the boat – at the very least I would be contacting a supervisor from the rental agency to inquire about your concerns and your rights. Working it out on your own before resorting to a legal dispute with your creditor is the best first step before pursuing a dispute. If that doesn’t work in your favor, you are certainly within your rights to inquire with your creditor about the dispute process and how they would handle it. We’d love to know how your situation turns out – keep us updated in the comments!

  21. MOE says:

    I have paid a payment for a friend who asked me for help,and he told me that he will reimburse when he got paid,unfortunately that never happened,so I contact the merchant to cancel the payment and they he refused.I had to talk to my bank and open a claim,you think after investigation I’ll get my money back?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Moe – I’m sorry you had this unfortunate situation happen with a friend. As far as I can tell, you are unlikely to be able to successfully dispute this type of situation. The creditor would be left as the responsible party if your funds were to be returned. Since the creditor is not at fault, but your friend is, the creditor is unlikely to be found responsible. You could investigate a small claims court case against your friend in this situation, but depending on the amount you lent, it may not be worth your time, effort or resources to pursue. Lending money to family and friends is such a tricky and risky venture. I hope you are able to recover what your friend owes you!

  22. Molly says:

    I had a problem at a skin care clinic where the service was not as described. I asked to speak to the doctor to try to sort it out. They said I would have to make an appointment to speak to him. I did but we couldn’t come to an agreement. Now I’ve disputed the charge with my credit card company for service not as described and I’m waiting for a decision. The doctor has since sent me a letter full of lies after I started the dispute process. It talks in third person and tells me that the conversation I had with the doctor to sort it out was a ‘review’ to discuss the next phase of treatments. There was no next phase. It also says that my results are not as described because I have not attended the next phase of treatments and that I should contact the clinic to book into further sessions. I have no doubt that they sent the letter to shift the blame onto me and submit it as their evidence. Do I need to respond or just wait? Is it too late to put something in writing to show that I have tried to sort it out. I only have a phone message confirming my appointment that day but they are lying about what my intention was.

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s a frustrating situation for sure Molly! If you have concerns about what is being reported from the service provider, it might be helpful to contact your creditor and ask to speak to someone handling your dispute case. They should be able to tell you what the next steps are if you disagree with the report from your physician. Best of luck!

  23. Sean says:

    I had a horrible experience with a car shop and tried to dispute it through credit card. It was not successful, but the reason I could not win the dispute sounds really not reasonable.
    I paid the tire change at a car shop (Quick Line in Miami). After the job, I found the TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) light was on. To solve this problem I went back and forth 15 times to the shop and they could not figure out the problem. I called the BofA credit card company and disputed this unsatisfactory service. They suggested me to get “second opinion” on the case. I sent my car to a Honda dealer and the issue was fixed in an hour and stated on the receipt that one of the sensor was damaged through the tire change. I sent the receipt to BofA credit card dispute department and late on was told the “second opinion” was not “valid” because they did change tire for you. The damage cost was another issue and should not covered by dispute. The representative even gave me an example: “Let’s say they change your carpet, but made damage on your house through the project. We can not dispute the charge because they did change your carpet”. Does this comment make sense? Thanks.

    • Tracy East says:

      That must be frustrating Sean! It sounds like they are saying that since you actually received the service you paid for, the dispute is invalid and a separate claim for damages against the company who did the work would have to be filed instead of a dispute of the original charges. Hopefully, you will have luck pursuing the company for damages.

  24. Chris Wilson says:

    On 30 December I hired Fedex to ship a box priority overnight to one of their brick and mortar shipping stores that their website stated would be open. I hired Fedex exclusively because of this fact, as other shippers websites stated they would be closed on new years eve. Fedex charged me $123 for the shipping and when I went to the local store to receive the package, there was a sign on the door that it was closed for New Years Eve. I point out here that NYE is not a listed holiday in Fedex’s terms and conditions, btw. I contested the charge and Fedex denied stating “no commitment”. I then contested the charge with my visa issuer, Chase bank. Chase was eventually successful in getting the charge reduced by $100 down to $23.50. They informed me Fedex accepted this amount and it was processed against me credit card. Then, I receive a collection notice from Transworld Systems Inc. attempting to collect the original invoice amount, plus additional charges. Fedex had been attempting to collect from me even while the bank was working on the dispute, but I assumed it was resolved when they accepted a reduced charge. If Fedex intended to collect the entire amount from me directly, why would they accept a brokered reduction by Chase bank? I’m currently fighting it with Transworld, but expect to fail and have to pay the original invoice of $123.50, plus collection fees, both in addition to the $23.50 already taken from me through Chase bank.

    What is more disappointing than being dumped by Fedex’s inaccurate website information is their lack of good faith when I contested it. When Chase initially disputed it, Fedex claimed I had 14 days to request adjustment and that I failed to do so. I have a screen shot to the contrary which reflects that I did request it and they denied it. I see three things wrong with Fedex in this matter. 1) inaccurate website information; 2) lack of honesty and or due diligence in investigating my dispute by denying that I requested an adjustment; 3) attempting to double invoice me through a collection agency after accepting payment from Chase.

    These three things show that either Fedex is operationally incompetent, or that they are malicious. Short of an apology and a favorable resolution, I cannot due business with them again.

    • Tracy East says:

      Chris – what a mess of a situation for you! It sounds like you have done everything right, including keeping excellent records of your communications related to this issue. Hopefully, you will reach a resolution that doesn’t involve you having to pay the full amount plus fees. Let us know how the situation is resolved!

  25. Krisma says:

    I am in a fraudulent dispute with my Best Buy credit card company. They sent me an email that my dispute was resolved in which they credited my account the money. A month later the charge was on there again, and when I called they told me that there needed to be further investigation. If they already sent me an email stating the dispute was resolved, can they take that back and re-charge the amount?

  26. Eric says:

    I saw lots of Nike fraud charges and called up my credit card with Bank of America in late April five days after the first charge. BOA froze my card, sent me a new one, and redeemed the charges. I thought all good, but 7/6 BOA now says after investigation that I am liable for $850 in Nike fraud dispute charges. I filed a police report and I am waiting for BOA to tell me if they will re-open investigation. One disputed charge was one day before I called them to freeze card (according to statements) and the other was one day after I called them. What are my rights here to fight this?

    • Tracy East says:

      Eric – that’s a frustrating situation for sure! If you have an open investigation in the works with your creditor, you should wait to see the final results. If you disagree with their assessment of the situation, you are legally allowed to not pay the disputed amount, though the creditor is free to attempt to collect as well. I would also suggest learning more about your rights and obligations in a dispute by going to the FTC website and searching for credit card dispute.

  27. Stephanie C. says:

    Does the FTC actually investigate consumer credit card fraud? Several websites claim they do if the amount is over $2000.00. However, when I visit the FTC website, I cannot find anything about this. I am the victim of fraud and it was under $3k. I am wanting to know if they get involved?

  28. JIM says:

    Here’s a situation I can’t find an answer for. Unfortunately, I purchased furniture from a brand-name manufacturer that did not meet my expectations and satisfaction. This journey has been HORRIBLE!! I did everything proper—contacted the merchant in good faith; threatened to file a BBB complaint; then filed a BBB complaint; disputed it with the TWO credit card companies I’d used for this purchase (C.C. Bank 1 for the deposit; C.C. Bank 2 used for the balance—for those curious, there was incentive to use Bank 2).

    Unfortunately, the well-known bank used for the balance (C.C. Bank 2) is in partnership w/the furniture manufacturer. When I got the bad news (of course) from the bank in cahoots w/the manufacturer, I contacted C.C. Bank 1 (again, other bank I’d disputed the deposit with). I contacted first bank because THEY’D initially contacted ME, offering another credit card through them— $ 0 balance transfer, and 18 mos. to pay off balance.

    Even before I did this balance transfer from Bank #2, of the rejected dispute, to C.C. Bank 1, I made absolutely SURE that Bank #1 was recording me—and I was assured it was. That’s because I was being honest w/them, telling them what I wanted to do—that the dispute had not been resolved in my favor and that I wanted to move the main balance over to C.C. Bank 1 and consolidate the disputed balance with the existing deposit I’d already been disputing w/C.C. Bank 1—AND THEN DISPUTE THE NEW BALANCE once I’d moved IT!!

    At no time did C.C. Bank 1 ever say to me that a.) this would be a futile process, as they would not be able to dispute a purchase not made with their actual company’s card—and b.) that I COULD NOT dispute a purchase made on a balance transfer.

    As one can safely assume at this point, C.C. Bank 1 did NOT go to bat for me, on disputing the balance transfer.

    Now that they got me to sign on to a new card, and I’ve been ‘ensnared’ by making other purchases, they now (as I’d hinted aboe) say there’s no way to go after this debt because I didn’t use their card first, yada, yada.

    BUT I managed to find an article (albeit from 2009, but STILL!!) which addressed this very issue—that essentially GOODS FROM A BALANCE TRANSFER are owed purchase protection, as well, FROM THE RECEIVING C.C. ACCT.!! And I found this on “” website.

    At the end of this article, it lists a plethora of credit card companies who are “partners” with—and one of those banks IS C.C. Bank 1!!

    I escalated this to the Bank 1 executive level towards the last of June and at the end of July, I rec’d a phone call from the executive office. That person informed me, again, that there is nothing they can do.

    I then complained about the dishonesty— that I’d have appreciated being told this upfront because I’m pretty sure that Bank 1 knew they weren’t going to do this for me, as I was asking them. I’d asked if he’d listened to the recordings (he said there were none (of course)).

    Even before this conversation, I’d emailed the author of the article but have yet to hear back. I asked what she’d based her information on and could she pls send me any links to help support my argument, but . . . nothing except silencio.

    So I’ve since asked of C.C. Bank 1 how can this be—that they’re partners w/, but yet they won’t honor what this article is saying—but again . . . silencio. (I don’t know if I can put the link here to that article—pls let me know and I will in a subsequent post.)

    Mind you, the balance transfer was just ONE single AMT for the furniture, from C.C. Bank 2—not a bunch of various piddly charges. Therefore, via paperwork and screen shots, I can prove it was just the furniture charge.

    These are big banks we’re talking about here, who have the resources and wherewithal to extract ANY money they see fit—from ANY merchant—and I’m pretty sure I’m getting the runaround here. But I am not done with this yet, as I’m still pretty hot about all this.

    (In defense of Bank #1 however, believe it or not, I DID WIN that dispute concerning my furn. deposit, so woo hoo for THAT!!) : )

    Thus my general questions here are: 1.) After a credit card company rejects your dispute, do they have to give you appeal rights? 2.) Are balance transfers from the original bank to the receiving bank, indeed, protected? 3.) DOES it do any good to APPEAL??

    Tks so much for any response(es). I appreciate it.

  29. Matt says:

    Had an incorrect charge appear on my card for 1500. I had disputed that I had a 50$ charge that was correct so I disputed for that.. The next day the $50 charge appeared. CC company said and documented that I called in and said the dispute should be for the full 1500, but they gave me credit only for 50 while they investigated. I paid the other 1450 so it wouldn’t be late. They finished the dispute and did’t give me the full credit, only the 50. What can I do to get the rest that I paid? They mention they have the record saying I called and they were supposed to amend the dispute which they didn’t’ do. Do I just keep calling and threaten to cancel my card?

  30. Ger J. says:

    Hi, I would like to know what happens when the credit card companies investigate fraudulent charges. Do they ever find & prosecute the people that used my card?
    I had one of the vendors call me to verify whether or not I was responsible for the charges. He then gave me the address where the items were to be shipped along with phone number and email of the person but not their name. I passed this on to the card company but they had no answer for me even after I gave them their personal information.

    Thank you

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s a great question! It is my understanding that the credit card company will determine whether or not a charge is fraudulent, but they do not pursue prosecution or legal action regarding those charges – a police report must be filed by you to initiate legal action.

  31. El says:

    Hi, I did post my car for sale and one of the car realtor company called me. They said they had two people interested in my car already and could come in two weeks to see the car. The reason they contacted them is because of the loan they had to take from them. Of course I liked the idea. He said i just have to sign here and there and pay 499 USD and get the money back once the car sells. Stupid me did. Now two and half months later still no one. It is really hard to corresponds with them via email. They only call. I send them an email a couple times already to see where the promised buyers are. They tell i do not understand the process of this and if i could be a bit more patient. They told me that a couple times. Now, I told them i do not believe that they are true and want my money back since i am not getting what have been promised to me over the phone. Of course now they tell me i have to refer to the contract and that they can not give me my money back. Can i dispute that through my CreditCard?

    • Tracy East says:

      That sounds like a completely frustrating experience you’ve gone through. I’m so sorry that happened! I can’t give you any legal advice about this particular situation in terms of your rights under this unique situation. It sounds like you have a signed contract – have you reviewed that to see if there are any guidelines about dispute or service that wasn’t satisfactory? Since the creditor isn’t at fault in this situation (in other words, your credit card company didn’t do anything wrong and the charge wasn’t an error) it may not be a dispute situation. It may be more of a pursuing the service provider for the charges that were made.

  32. Gloria says:

    Hi I need some help I bought a 150cc scooter for $1028.49 with lift gate service online from a scooter company the scooter came very damage with a muffler that was falling off with dents in it and 3 puncher holes in one of the side panels of the scooter with scratched paint all over the left side and the box had a big hole in it and no lift service I did not accept the delivery from UPS driver I took pictures of the damage sent it to the dealer. dealer said they would send me new parts I said I would rather have a new scooter sent to me because I’m not a mechanic and should not have to pay for someone to check for internal damage and install new parts to the scooter. they said I have to take the scooter anyway and I would have to pay a mechanic to repair my scooter. I have called them and they keep telling me that I have to call ups to have scooter re delivered to me. But I called UPS and they said to do a re delivery it will be at my cost but i told them i don’t want the damaged scooter and for them to send it back to dealer they said the they were waiting for the dealer to decide what they want to do and that they filed a claim for damages and just need for someone to pay for the shipping so then I call the dealer again and told them what UPS said and that i wanted a refund and that i was not taking the damage scooter. they will not help me until i accept the delivery and pay fees and delivery to them. i called my bank how likely is it that i will get my full refund i have never gone thru something like this

    • Tracy East says:

      Gloria – what a frustrating situation! I am not a legal expert, but I believe you have a strong case to get these charges reversed since you refused to take delivery of the damaged scooter. Has your creditor given you any indication of how they plan to pursue the matter? Best of luck resolving this issue – Let us know what happens!

  33. Eric says:

    I purchased two bottles of an herbal health supplement that was supposed to supercharge one’s sex life. As I should have known, it was a hoax and the product did not work. I told them as much in a phone call 3 weeks after starting the supplements, but they would not refund my money. Bank of America basically says, you fell for it, they sent you the product, you owe the money. Do I have any recourse? The bottles are $85 each, which had I know that in advance I would never have even tried it.

    Also, what happens if I refuse to pay my credit card bill? Will Bank of America come after me legally? Or do they take the loss and dent my credit rating? Should I just pay it and consider it an expensive lesson learned? Please help if you can! Thanks!

    • Tracy East says:

      Eric – Chances are, if your bank says you have no recourse, they are probably telling it to you straight. Credit card dispute through your creditor is for cases where you did not get the item you purchases, or there was some type of issue with billing. In short, if you got the item you purchased and were not satisfied, your dispute is with the seller of the item, not with your credit card issuer. So frustrating to feel like you were taken advantage of, but legally, you would be required to pay your credit card bill or risk collection action from your credit card company. Now, what type of action they may take is a different matter – typically they will attempt to collect on the debt for a period of time before they eventually write it off and send it to a third party collection agency. You may want to decide if the risk of all those late payments and a charge-off and collection account being listed on your credit is worth it in the end for you. It’s a tough call, but if it were me, I’d pay the bill and consider it, as you indicated, “an expensive lesson learned”. Best of luck Eric!

  34. Melvin says:

    So I signed up for some 1 on 1 email coaching and paid them 97 dollars. 7 days later I get refunded the money with no reason why. 1 month later I get charged 97 dollars for the services I was denied. Called my bank to dispute it and was credited back the money. 6 hours later after I called to dispute it I get the refund of 97 dollars from the company. Today I got an email from my bank telling me they were going to investigate the claim. So what do I do now?

    • Tracy East says:

      Melvin – if I’m understanding correctly, you ended up getting a refund from both your credit card company and the original vendor after some back and forth? If that is the case, I would contact your credit card company and let them know that you ended up getting refunded twice, and they should have a process to reverse the charge that they refunded you to resolve the issue. Let us know how it turns out!

  35. Teja Airala says:

    Couple of months ago I had been charged 4 unknown charges on my debit card and I immediately reported about it to bank of America and they have credited the charges.after a month they reversed the dispute charges since the charges were under 200 in total I didn’t bother much as they have already issued me new card. Later within a couple of weeks my credit card with the same bank had 3 unknown charges costing around $400. I reported immediately and they credited my money back and issued me a new card, today I found that they reversed the fraud credit. What am I supposed to do now?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Teja – I’m so sorry you’ve had such a frustrating experience! Your best course of action right now is to keep working with the fraud department through your creditor until the situation is resolved to your satisfaction. Did they assign you a case number so you can check back? Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to a supervisor and keep contacting that individual until the situation is resolved. Best of luck!

  36. mike obrien says:

    Last Sept, 2017, I was in Texas returning my grandchildren to their parents. To make a long story short , the living arrangements were not good for the kids and the parents allowed us to bring the boys back to NY. We though it prudent to secure a court order allowing us to keep the boys as the parents were unpredictable. we hired a “court document preparing” firm via the phone.we signed a contract via e-mail which stated that they would prepare all the documents needed to secure the court order giving custody of the boys to us. Once the contract was signed and a questionnaire was filled out with pertinent information of the case , it was next to impossible to get any correspondence from the firm via phone or text. Documents were text to us and we presented same to a county clerks office in Williamson County , Texas. the clerk informed me that the paperwork was insufficient to be processed by that office and that a judge would never see the documents as they were written. Several attempts to contact the firm (about the children llc ) went unanswered and as we were due to return to NY shortly it was necessary to contact a local attorney to have him process the paperwork through the court system. That attorney successfully secured the proper court order for us for the sum of $1000.00 . I am in the process of disputing this case with Barclays Credit card ,which initially suspended the charge but reinstated it when the merchant responded to their action. I was contacted again by the credit card company and filed paperwork outlining the reason why I should not be charged the $590.00 as we did not receive the service as was described as evidenced by the fact that I had to hire an attorney. to secure the proper paperwork. The charges were again suspended . Recently I was informed that I would have to re-hire the attorney we used to argue to the credit card company why the paperwork delivered to them was insufficient. It should be noted that, as I informed the card’s investigation department , the attorney in question never read the paperwork supplied by the firm, as it was not relevant to his employ. I have read a little about disputing a finding by a card company but have no idea if I have a valid case .Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Mike OBrien

    • Tracy East says:

      Mike – That sounds like an incredibly frustrating experience. First of all, congratulations on working through the custody arrangement of your grandchildren. As far as the dispute process goes, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Since it hasn’t been a lengthy period of time, I am hopeful that the credit card company will work things out in your favor. Please let us know how things turn out.

  37. Andrea says:

    I opened a credit card dispute with a veterinarian who did not perform the services they were hired to do, did not give me a written report of their findings for 2 months after they looked at my horse, did not return my calls, charged my card without my permission and I had to pay again to have all the tests done that she was supposed to do. I won the dispute and my account was credited back. She is now emailing me saying she is counter-disputing it. Can the credit card company reverse this? I am also concerned that she will just charge my card again. Can I just cancel my card and would that stop her counter dispute and stop her from charging my card again? Thank you!

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Andrea – I had to do a little bit of digging to find a response to your question because I’ve never had the question of a counter-dispute come up. I found this article that may be helpful to you: In short, it sounds like the law is a little unclear and murky about what a merchant can or can’t do following a disputed charge. If I were in your position, I would speak to a supervisor at your credit card company and find out what your course of action should be. Cancelling your card is a drastic step and I wouldn’t take that action without speaking first to your creditor about the counter-dispute process. Please let us know how it resolves!

  38. Evan says:

    In October I had 3 credit cards stolen. One of them was a Chase United Card. It was used to purchase $3665 at the Apple Store. I reported it, cancelled the card and even filed a police report. All seemed settled until Dec., I received a call from Chase Fraud dept. telling me that I was going to be responsible for the charges because they found the charges were authorized because my zip code was on the sales draft they received from Apple. I am not sure what to do.

    • Tracy East says:

      Evan – What a frustrating situation! Did you inquire from Chase about disputing their decision? Here’s what the Federal Trade Commission says about the situation: “If the creditor’s investigation determines the bill is correct, you must be told promptly and in writing how much you owe and why. You may ask for copies of relevant documents. At this point, you’ll owe the disputed amount, plus any finance charges that accumulated while the amount was in dispute. You also may have to pay the minimum amount you missed paying because of the dispute. If you disagree with the results of the investigation, you may write to the creditor, but you must act within 10 days after receiving the explanation, and you may indicate that you refuse to pay the disputed amount. At this point, the creditor may begin collection procedures. However, if the creditor reports you to a credit reporting company as delinquent, the report also must state that you don’t think you owe the money. The creditor must tell you who gets these reports. The creditor also must promptly report any subsequent resolution of the reported delinquency, to everyone who got a report.”

  39. Mark says:

    In November 2017 we received notification from Citibank about potentially fraudulent activity on our Citi Double Cash Rewards credit card. We called immediately and verified that the charges, all for Uber rides in a city we were not in, were fraudulent. Citi immediately cancelled the card and issued a new one. We reviewed the account and wrote a letter to Citi outlining all charges that were fraudulent. Citi conducted an “investigation” during which we responded immediately to all of their requests. In January 2018 we received notification from Citi that the charges THEY had notified us as suspicious, and that we identified as fraudulent, were now in fact valid and we owe over $300 for Uber rides we never took in a city we didn’t visit for a credit card we never registered with Uber. Their reason given was, “The user name and billing address provided in the merchant documentation are matching with your details that we have on our records.” If you think Citi takes its obligations to protect its customer seriously, don’t be fooled. And stay away from Citi issued credit cards.

    • Tracy East says:

      Mark – That is such a frustrating situation. It sounds like you were on top of doing everything correctly. The FTC explains your rights after the investigation process here:
      If you disagree with the results of the investigation, you may write to the creditor, but you must act within 10 days after receiving the explanation, and you may indicate that you refuse to pay the disputed amount. At this point, the creditor may begin collection procedures. However, if the creditor reports you to a credit reporting company as delinquent, the report also must state that you don’t think you owe the money. The creditor must tell you who gets these reports. The creditor also must promptly report any subsequent resolution of the reported delinquency, to everyone who got a report.

  40. Emily says:

    I’m in a sticky situation with Hertz after being charged $1400 extra for my car rental when I was mislead into taking a more expensive car. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and I won that dispute, but now I’ve received an invoice for the $1400 from Hertz. They didn’t respond to my credit card company, so it seems they feel they can still get the money from me this way. The problem now is that on the back of the invoice it says how to argue the charges, but I didn’t do that because I was waiting for a final confirmation about the dispute from my credit card company. Now the 60 days period to argue the invoice has passed and I’ve received a collection notice. Do I have any further hopes of disputing this??

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Emily – That is a challenging situation. If you disputed the charge with the credit card company, have you contacted the credit card company about the bill you have been sent from the car rental? They may have a specific course of action to recommend based on the dispute process.

  41. Terri Moore says:

    I think I know who stole 10k from our credit card but I have never received any kind of notification from the bank that it was settled. How can I find out where and to whom this 10k was transferred from our credit card?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Terri – It would be best to contact your bank directly to find out the status of a fraud investigation. If you reported fraudulent activity, the creditor should let you know where they are in the process of investigating. Contact your creditor, and let us know how it is resolved!

  42. JORGE DE LA FUEGO says:

    hello Tracey. Somebody Used My Citibank debit card to buy memberships to on line websites. This Happened while I was in jail, i left the card at home and no one that lives here at that time will admit to even touching it. I really don’t want to get the policia involved. What Can I do?, the charges accumulate, over 400$ in a 30 day period.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Jorge – The only way to dispute a fraudulent charge on your credit card is to report it to your credit card company and allow them to investigate. Some of what happens may depend on how much time has passed since the charges were made vs. being reported as fraudulent as well as who may have had access to your card in your absence. Your creditor would be able to tell you what their guidelines are for investigating a fraudulent charge.

  43. RJ Dahlberg says:

    The very first time I had to do a chargeback on a fraudulent merchant, my credit card company told me right upfront that ALL/ANY amounts while in active dispute process are exempt from and cannot be charged any interest or late fees etc. Of course you do have to pay your other charges and on time, or they will accrue interest etc. as usual. Just subtract the amount in question first and pay your balances. In fact they advise you to never pay a contested charge before reaching a final decision, because you might even lose your rights to appeal! Your payment can be claimed as proof of your acceptance of the charge(s).

  44. Steve says:

    I used my credit card to pay for a cup of tea / snacks which worked out to 48 Yuan (US $8.00) while I was in Beijing, China, I received notification from Bank of America that there was unusual activity on my credit card, after checking my activity online I was charged US 800.97 cents for that cup of tea, I called BOA and reported it as fraud and was given a credit, a month later I received notification from BOA that the investigation was complete and I have to pay the US $800.97 cents because the card was in my possession at the time of payment and the chip / magnetic stripe was used as a method of payment.

  45. Casey says:

    I am in a bit of a pickle here. I had purchased health insurance over the phone from a company in Florida. Now the man on the phone was spouting off different numbers and everything seemed legitimate. I signed up for said insurance. He sent me an application that required an e signature. I read through the contract, not fully as I should, but enough. I clicked all of the boxes that asked for the e signature. I was never fully aware of how much the purchase would be until the last second and my card was already charged $351.60, when I was told over the phone it would be less. I immediately realized I had made a mistake and after a few days of going back and forth with this company I cancelled my policy and asked for a refund. During this process, I panicked and disputed this charge through my credit card company. I was notified by this insurance company that I would receive a refund, but this was days after going back and forth on the phone and through emails. It took about 2 weeks to receive a refund, and during this time insurance cards for this company were sent to my house as well. Insane. My credit card company sent me a letter about a month after this saying everything was resolved and that my card would be credited this amount of $351.60 and that I didn’t have to really worry about this anymore. Well it is now 3 months later, and this amount for $351.60 is out of my account again. I called this insurance company and my credit card company. Basically this insurance company told my credit card company that I disputed this charge and I was in the wrong, because I agreed to this amount and sent documents with my e signature on them. So they won, and I am out this amount of money. My credit card company obviously sided with them , because they are getting this money back. What my main issue is, is that my credit card company has not mentioned this issue since I received this letter 3 months ago stating that this was resolved and I wasn’t to worry anymore. Are they in the wrong for not letting me know I lost this dispute and at least warning me that this insurance company was indeed getting my money back after they refunded it? I am in a panic. Again, I should not have disputed this and just waited to get a refund, but I panicked. And I went through a lot of hell back and forth with this company to get a refund. Any advice?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Casey – what an unfortunate and frustrating situation for you! I’m so sorry you’ve dealt with the hassle of attempting to resolve the issue. Have you spoken to someone in the dispute department at your credit card company? I would definitely suggest starting there and asking them what you should do since it sounds like you don’t have anything in writing from them. It’s always wise to keep documentation of dates/times and the names of people you spoke to for your records while you are in the process of working through a matter like this. Asking to speak to a supervisor can also help you get the matter resolved more quickly.

      Let us know how things turn out!

  46. Joshua says:

    I signed up for a retreat that I can no longer attend. I paid $25 for it. They won’t refund my money. What happens if I just dispute the charge? It’s not like they had to buy tickets to a show for something or pay per-seat for the entire seat….

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Joshua, It’s unfortunate that the company you are working with is not being flexible with you on their refund policy. I’m sure that’s frustrating! Typically, the types of charges you can successfully dispute on your credit card are charges for products you ordered but never received, charges for items you returned and charges you didn’t authorize. Incorrect duplicate charges and mistakes in billing amounts are typically disputable.

      Let us know how the situation is resolved!

  47. Isaac says:

    I signed up for a service online and they automatically signed me up for extra charges without telling me. I have asked them for a refund but they have not gotten back to me. Can I just dispute the extra charges with my credit card company?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Isaac – If you’ve been charged for a service you didn’t authorize (look in the fine print of anything you signed to make sure you didn’t inadvertently authorize a charge for additional services) and you have attempted to resolve the issue with the company without getting a response, disputing the charge with your credit card company would be an excellent next step. Let us know how it is resolved!

  48. Manisha says:

    Hi, i had contacted a moving company for my luggage shipment as i was being relocated. I had paid the advance of 950 USD. The contract i signed stated that if i cancel the order , half my money would get refunded but i was promised on phone and in email that my full amount would be refunded back.
    Now they are not agreeing to refund the full amount what can i do?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Manisha – I would contact your creditor regarding the disputed amounts. If you have something in writing from the company that provided the service, you may be able to dispute the charge through your credit card company.

  49. Erin says:

    I have purchased an item for my company last week($1000) from online electric store, Once i made the payment to the seller via CC, He stopped responding. When i looked up his name, He is arrested few times for theft. Should i call my CC company and file dispute now or wait few more days?

    • Tracy East says:

      Erin – I would contact your credit card company and ask what their policy is for a non-responsive seller and let them know what you learned when you researched him. They will be able to tell you what their dispute process looks like and whether they have a time-frame for disputing after not hearing from a seller. Best of luck!

  50. Liziel Castro says:

    Hi I just disputed the charge on my credit card which I am not aware that I have.. I was so confuse why my credit card is not getting upgraded or being approved to upgrade. they keep seeing this charge off of $400+ which I am not aware I have..I don’t remember having that transaction with that amount. Then they found out it’s from bank of forever21 that charge was when I applied and I tried to call the bank after finding it out, they told me I owe them that huge amount. I explained that I haven’t even received any of their letter saying I owe them or a bill and they told me their address is lacking of info about me, and also trying to reach my number. I also didn’t even receive any of their point cards or whatever that card I applied from them…They told me I owe them $90+ before and it just grew to $400+….I called them after filing the dispute. cause after filing I still tried to find where I got that amount. What can I do? should I cancel the dispute?Even though I talked to the Comenity Capital Bank who gave me amount which I’m not aware of? or just let it be and wait for their decision? Is that even fair that I had that amount from them not even having advantage from it??? I didn’t even have a card from them(points card) to even use… that 400 will just a payment for what?? nothing… Is that even fair on my part even though they said it’s just business..

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Liziel – if your dispute is still in process and you haven’t gotten an official decision, it’s best to let that process play out. Have you spoke to someone in management about your situation? It’s wise to keep records of all of the dates and times you called and who you spoke to so you can follow the trail later on if you need to. Best of luck resolvig your dispute.

  51. Noel says:

    I disputed a credit card payment on a car. The claim was upheld by the credit card company and said I did not have to pay. It was for a large amount….$2500. I paid for the car remainder $6800 in cash.
    I won because the car dealer said they would fix an issue with the car, that was broken. They gave me paperwork promising this. I returned to the dealer 3 times, with appointments, and they never fixed the problem, and in fact, their “fix” damaged my car more.
    It was an issue with the bumper, where I needed the bumper secured on one side, and they were going to replace the bumper, and instead screwed it in (because the bumper clips were broken).
    This happened over the summer of 2017. I had photos, proofetc for the credit card company. It was approved early fall 2017.
    In April 2018, the car dealer sent me a bill for $2500. It says “You disputed your cc charge after we issued you a refund.” They did not give me any kind of refund. I am not sure why they decided to start charging me now, but I am afraid it will go on my credit report if I don’t pay. What should I do?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Noel – I think the best place to start in this situation is to go to your credit card company who handled the dispute and ask them how to handle being re billed for the amount that was disputed after it was settled. Let us know how your situation is resolved!

  52. Rachel says:

    My ex-boyfriend stole my card info and bought $16.77 worth of dominos before I noticed. I went to the store and got all the proof that he indeed is the one who did this if I take this to the police will they take me seriously for such a low amount? He never faces consequences and already has a criminal record.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Rachel – disputing a charge with your credit card company and reporting it to the police are two different matters. If you have proof that the charges are not yours, make sure to let the credit card company know so that you are not responsible for the charges, even though it’s not a large amount. I don’t know what the police will do to handle the matter, but it’s certainly worth contacting them about!

  53. Ratan Gupta says:

    I had my credit card stolen and someone used it to the max. I realized it a day later and reported it. Credit card issuer says they will take 30-40 days to investigate, but before I could make the payment, the balance got reported to the credit agencies as 100% utilization, which affected my credit score. Is there anything I can do, as it was not my fault that the utilization went to 100%. I always keep that card at 0-3%.

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s an outstanding question! My guess is that you won’t be able to fully resolve this issue until the investigation is complete. You can dispute the utilization report with the credit reporting agencies, but they will investigate and likely wait for resolution from your creditors. I would ask the question from your creditor directly – will they report your actual utilization back to the credit bureaus so it’s accurately reflected?

  54. Heather says:

    I got scammed by a contractor and disputed the charge on my credit card and won. I’m curious what happens on his end, does he keep the money he scammed me for and the credit card company eats it or do they somehow remove the money deposited from his account?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Heather – in the case of a merchant and a disputed charge, the merchant typically ends up being responsible for the charges. I am not sure if the same rules apply to contractors or not, but that’s a good question – I’ll do some research!

  55. Arunav says:

    Hello, this is Arunav.

    I had disputed a transaction on my Chase debit card. Following the dispute, Chase credited my account with the same amount. However, I was later contacted by the merchant involved and realized that it was a legitimate transaction. Following this, I reversed my dispute and so Chase again debite the amount they credited on my account (So my transactions were -$$ +$$ -$$= -$$).

    They also gave me a confirmation showing that the dispute was reversed by me and that the amount they had credited from my account has been debited.

    But my merchant got back to me saying that they never received the amount. On the other hand, my bank is saying that the transaction was successful and so the money went through to them. And since I reversed my dispute, my bank never got the money bank.

    So now both parties say they don’t have the money. The merchant (my aparment authorities are saying they want another payment). But I already have that amount debited once.

    I don’t know what I should do and where that debited amount is.
    Hence, if you could kindly help me out, I will be incredibly grateful.


    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Arunav – Have you put your creditor and the merchant in direct contact with each other? It sounds like you need to speak with someone in management at your creditor and have them direct you to specific next steps to get this sorted out. Let us know how this is resolved!

  56. Jennifer Stewart says:

    your office. I have been accused of theft and I have 100% proof I didn’t steal i have receipts and bank statements to prove this and even my bank said they made a mistake. I purchased many things on with in 3 weeks time around 15 orders or so. There were a couple thing s that were said delivered but I didn’t get. So I called my bank and told them I didn’t know why I didn’t get them yet I emailed good will and the lady on the phone ended up filing an investigation on the ones I went and picked up at the store. I had told her I wasn’t sure which one it was because I could t see online when I’m on the phone but the amounts were almost the same and assumed it was the ones i didn’t get. Well no credit was made or anything and about a week and a half went by and my son had told me that he had them i his closet I didn’t know because I haven’t been staying with my son and my family didn’t know either. Anyways the cops ended up coming to my parents and telling them that I stole. I called my bank and asked about what happened and they said they filed on the ones I got in the store and I told them that why would I say I didn’t get the ones I picked up and I asked them to drop it because I did get the other packages that they were in my sons closet and I even emailed good will.
    They said they were sorry for the mix up and that they would contact goodwill. I called goodwill and tried
    To explain what happened and they said I needed to talk to the police and hung up on me. I ended up getting a thing in the mail to go to court for theft. I never spoke to the police and just went on tues I was scared to death thinking I could Just show my bank and good will papers to prove I paid for them and that it would be dropped but I couldn’t and I cried and cried I was scared I have not been charged with stealing I have no record and I really need help . My step dad said I should sue good will for pursing this. I love goodwill I always shop there and I tel everyone about it I’m a single mom and that’s what I can afford. I’m heartbroken that I can’t go there now and that I’m basically guilty until I prove I’m innocent. I just don’t understand I didn’t talk to police or prosecutor but the judge said they have the prob cause. How can they If I didn’t get to show proof or I didn’t speak to them . And why would goodwill keep pursuing this when they know I paid and have the proof that this was just a mistake that my bank did by saying I didn’t get the ones I picked up but when they cleared it up they still filed charges I didn’t steal. So how come this is happening still ? Can you please help

    • Jennifer Stewart says:

      My card is American Express blue bird so it’s prepaid

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Jennifer – what a frustrating, complicated and scary situation! CESI is not able to provide legal advice in situations like this, but we certainly wish you the best of luck as you sort this out. Have you spoken to an attorney about your rights? It sounds like legal advice is your best avenue right now.

  57. Anthony says:

    Hello my name is Anthony,

    This is my first ever credit card dispute and I need some guidance on how to further my dispute after Chase has sided with the merchant and reversed my temporary credit.

    To Summarize:
    I disputed a charge on my chase sapphire card back in February for a gemstone ring I purchased in Thailand. I later realized after some research that I was scammed by the merchant and that this was pretty common in that country. When I returned to the states I brought this ring to a local certified gemologist and had it checked out. I was then informed that the gold tested real as well as the gemstone, however, the gemstones color has been beryllium lattice treated instead of the natural heat treatment which is stated on my gem certificate. I then reached out to the merchant with this information and requested for a refund. The merchant emailed back and said they will accept but I will have to pay the shipping fees and 30% VAT which will be deducted from my original purchase price of $4,724.94. I then filed a claim with Chase and disputed the item to be not as described and sent Chase all my documents along with my own gemologist certificate. A week later chase contacts me and issues me a temporary credit. I am told to wait while they contacted the merchant and that they will call or mail me with further instructions on how to proceed forward.

    Within a weeks time the merchant emails me and tells me about some kind of VAT tax break and that they will reimburse me the full amount and cover shipping. I then call chase dispute department and relay this information and told them that I would like to return this item to be done with this issue. They asked if I still had the item in my possession. I respond “Yes” I still have it. I asked them if they can please give me some sort of written instructions on how to proceed to return this item and finalize the matter. They told me they have not heard from the merchant and that the merchant needs to contact them instead of me. They told me not to return the item until I heard back from them. So I waited….

    Two weeks later the merchants bank contacts me. So once again I contact Chase disputes and relayed this information and asked what should I do? I am told, please let the merchant bank know to contact us directly instead and once again to wait for a phone call from Chase or a letter in the mail for further instructions. I email the merchants bank back to inform them of this information and ask them to please contact my creditor JP Morgan Chase.

    I finally received a letter in the mail dated June 26.
    Summary of Investigation:
    – You disputed the charge(s) due to the quality of the merchandise which the merchant provided you
    -We contacted the merchant to obtain a temporary credit for your account
    -In reviewing the information you and the merchant provided we found that the merchandise was provided, and you didn’t return it or make it arrangements for the merchant to pick it up
    -We can’t confirm that your due a credit because the merchandise was not returned to the merchant.

    At the end, it basically seems like I lost the dispute due to the fact that I did not respond to to the merchant or attempt to the return the item which CHASE representative had instructed me NOT to do. Had I proceeded with the return, I would have a chance of getting my fair return rather than following the instruction by CHASE. When I called to speak with the dispute department manager, he told me that now it has past the deadline date to dispute this item any further. This has been an emotional roller coaster. Can someone please help?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Anthony – unfortunately, we are not licensed to provide legal advice about an ongoing credit dispute. If you have gone through all of the steps to successfully dispute your issue with the creditor and have not received a response that is satisfactory to you, you may need to settle the issue via a lawyer if you wish to continue to pursue it.

      • anthone says:

        Hi Tracy, do you happen to have a referral to any company or firm who specializes in this field that can you think can assist me within a reasonable cost?

  58. bong says:

    Me and my wife purchased a travel vacation package (timeshare) while on vacation in the Dominican Republic a month ago.Tried to cancel the membership the very next day as the company seemed unreliable after reading reviews online.5 weeks has passed and we still can’t get a termination letter nor any refund just empty promises everytime we email them.So we decided early on to dispute the charges made.The bank did cancel the charges for now but we are worried because the timeshare company is now aware of the dispute and will send documents that we signed the contract ,and etc…what happens if we lose the dispute?the timeshare agent is threatening us to charge all our money if we lose….will be losing 9000 if this happens….the contract stated we had a 5 day recession period to cancel and the merchant had 15 days to send us our refund if this helps…..they did not honor the 15 days nor our repeated request to cancel the membership is my fight…

    • Tracy East says:

      It’s understandable that you are concerned! I would encourage you to keep rock solid records of every attempt you made to reach out to the travel company to cancel the membership so that you can prove your good-faith efforts to cancel within the window stated in your contract. If you haven’t been in contact with the credit card company to fully explain the situation and ask them what your next steps are, I would also encourage you to do that. Proving that the company did not honor your requests to cancel membership within the time-frame specified in your contract is going to be easier to prove than disputing the charges as fraudulent. Don’t be afraid to speak to your credit card company and allow them to assist.

  59. Kong says:

    My ex bf stole my debit card to pay his phone bill. I found the charges recently and called my bank to dispute them as these payments were not authorized by me. When the bank finds these charges to be fraudulent will the bank get the money back from the phone company? More importantly, will these charges be charged back to my ex on his phone bill? Will he get in trouble for this?

    • Tracy East says:

      It’s hard to say whether your bank will pursue him for the fraudulent charges or not – they may have a policy about these matters that they can share with you. Best of luck getting your situation resolved quickly!

  60. Kathy says:

    I filed a dispute with Chase early February for a purchase on January 20th. I didn’t hear back until June 2nd letting me know my dispute was denied and to review the seller’s response. I sent a letter to request to reopen the claim on June 6. I heard back in July letting me know I waited too long to file a dispute. I had to respond again to remind them my original complaint was in February. It’s August and I still have not heard back. When I call I am told they are still working on the case. The charges were not reversed and I am paying interest on the purchase.

  61. Martin says:

    I recently bought some cologne from a stand in the mall and they say no refunds, but the cologne has been irritating and making my skin all itchy and i cant use it. Would that be a valid reason to try and charge back the purchase if its affecting my skin?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Martin – it might be difficult to dispute a charge if the vendor has a return policy that is clearly stated. Your credit card company should be able to tell you what your specific options are based on their policies. Best of luck resolving your issue quickly!

  62. Tim says:

    I recently purchased a camera lens from a certain merchant. Instead of sending me the original Nikon USA version as CLEARLY agreed on I was delivered a grey market version with some sort of useless 3rd party warranty (in addition to that the packaging indicates that this item was not new at all, likely a refurbished version). However, Nikon will not repair non USA versions lenses (even at a cost) and therefore the value of the lens I received is diminished significantly. If I need to have it calibrated or repaired in the future I would be out of luck (and anyone that I sold it to down the road). I consider this blatant fraud by the merchant and I contacted my credit card company who then initiated a charge back. I want to send this item back to the merchant and be done with it but I want the merchant to pay for the shipping (which is not exactly cheap, it being > 8lbs and fairly bulky). I’m weary of going down the refund route with the merchant, shipping it back and then waiting/hoping to be reimbursed for shipping, considering the shady nature of this store.

    What is the best thing to do in this case?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Tim – it sounds like you’ve done everything right in this situation. Unfortunately, you will probably have to wait until your creditor completes their investigation to fully resolve the issue.

  63. Asma says:

    Hi; i am victim of my husband fraud he made credit name of me and used it without my permission and my acknowledge when i asked him he said i add u in my account to make ur credit u dont need to worry after long time when i check somewhere my credit reprt there was he add himself with me …i was shocked why he did i ask him he said sorry i filled bank kurupcy so i want to rebild my credit, whatever u own banks i pay dont worry i dont know how many card he have name of me

  64. Laura Alliene Baker says:

    I have gone through a dispute process for charges paid to an education company that went out of business due to fraud before I could take any classes. Bank of America refuses to reverse my charges. When they contact the vendor, there is no response. What can I do next to stop paying on this debt? I have already reported BoA to Banking and Consumer agencies.

  65. Sam Doshi says:

    July this year I saw multiple fraudulent transactions in my Citi credit card bill which was immediately reported. Citi gave me credit but last month there investigation department considered these purchases legit and reversed these charges claiming the merchant has provided documentation on the online purchase. Documentation shows my correct and but neither the phone number or the email address is correct. Additionally it does not even provide the CCV number, IP address from where the transaction was initiated and any other basic digital signature which makes me doubt the competency of Citi’s investigation.

    Upon contacting the merchant, they advised me to have Citi re-open the dispute and they will not contest. However Citi is now refusing to re-open telling me that the merchant is giving me a run-around, indirectly acknowledging that the merchant is a fraud. Citi supervisor further advised that to re-open the dispute I have to contact the “Office of the president” at there Sioux City Office which seems like a run around as well.

    At this point I do not trust Citi as well and am looking for external recourse. Is there any state/federal agency who I can contact that can intervene to resolve the matter? Can I go the small claim’s court? Amount of fraud is less than $1000/- but I feel it is a matter of principal and I should not let them get away with it.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Sam – I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time with this issue. It sounds like you’ve done everything right so far. You may want to consider filing a complaint with the CFPB – here’s some additional information:
      Best of luck getting your issue resolved quickly!

    • Rebecca says:

      Im having the same problem with citi, their security dept is useless and they don’t care. This is exactly what they do- obviously if someone thats not you got away with a purchase theres going to be a receipt. Its outrageous and Ive read of citi doing this exact same thing to others. Im thinking of court as well because mine is around 726! But citi has some arbitration clause so good luck! My charge BTW was sooo suspicious since I never make large purchases in that amount and I never got an alert- I caught it and reported it under pending and they just went ahead and put it through. Ive argued with them almost everyday to no avail AND I wrote the CEO with no reply. Im livid and I won’t be paying for some crooks purchase!.

  66. whitney says:

    Hello. I used the app Zelle to pay someone for a phone not knowing Zelle does not have buyer protection. Many banks, including mine, Navy Federal, actually have an option to use this specific app through its website. However, I downloaded and used the actual Zelle app on my phone, which is linked to my Navy Federal account to pay the person. I only paid half due to both of us agreed that I would pay half before the phone ships with proof being the tracking # (She ended up sending me a picture, blacking out the last couple of numbers in the tracking # while also having a spot where my name, address, and other shipment details were located. I thought she would send me the entire tracking # after I sent the money, but she did not) and the other half after I receive the phone in the mail. However, the person has yet to send me the entire tracking #. In fact, I am scared that the picture she sent me was fake. It even seems as though she’s avoiding me. I went to file a police report that next day, and was given a case number. The lady ended up texting me an hour or so after I went to the police, stating that she’s waiting for the item to process through USPS and to be patient. I feel as though I am being scammed. What can I do about the money I sent to her? I need help.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Whitney – It’s so frustrating to feel like you are being scammed. I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. It sounds to me like filing a police report is an excellent first step. You may also consider filing a complaint with the CFPB, but it’s difficult to pursue an individual for fraudulent activity instead of a vendor or creditor.

      Unfortunately, as you stated, Zelle does not offer the same types of buyer protection that Credit Cards or PayPal offer. Zelle, according to their own informaton, is only meant to be used for peer-to-peer digital payments with people you trust, like friends and family, and does not offer fraud protection for buyers or sellers on its transactions.

      Best of luck resolving your issue and getting your money refunded!

      • whitney says:

        Hello, Navy Federal is allowing me to dispute. After, calling them back to back, representatives stating they could not do anything, I finally was put through to their Zelle department to talk to a Zelle representative. She told me that I can, in fact, make a dispute, she typed everything up — what happened, the case number from the police report, etc. — and said because the transaction is still pending on Navy Feds end (due to it not being business hrs and because of the holiday, Veterans day), that I would have to wait until Wednesday morning, 11/13/18, to call and make a dispute. This will be my first time ever having to do something like this. I have been a bank member with Navy federal for years now, ever since I was 17. I am nervous. The representative told me that disputes are not 100% and may or may not rule in my favor.

        As for the scammer, she is still contacting me. I stated above that she sent me a tracking number with some digits crossed off at the end. Well, turns out I did my own google search (about 15 min) and found the same exact google image (except the entire tracking number was fully shown in this image) with someone else’s info from 2016!! So, the scammer did, in fact, edit my name, address, and shipping info onto the image that she sent to me. Once she contacted me yesterday, 11/13/18, she had the nerve to state that she needs the other half of the money to send the entire tracking number (she has no idea I know that she got the image off of google). I said no, that we agreed on half now and half later and she ignored everything I said, making an excuse as to why she needs it now. I have not brought anything to her attention because I am scared to scare her off and risk her closing any accounts or anything before I make a dispute with Navy Fed. She even told me that the shipping should be at my address in 2-4 days. But I believe after those days are up, she will message me with a story about the package and something happening to it, hoping that I believe her and send her more money. I am going to bring this all up to Navy Federal while making this dispute. Hopefully, they will rule in my favor, returning my money. This is such an unfortunate situation.

  67. Jay says:

    I bought online an antique glass paneled lamp shade. Due to improper packing, the shade arrived with 1 broken panel.
    The seller provided a return mailing slip, but said that the shade must arrive in the same condition I received it… If more panels are broken, they will not refund the purchase.
    I told them it is impossible for me to guarantee that more damage will not occur, since I am not a professional packer, and if they couldn’t prevent a breakage, being professional packers, how could I?

    Is it possible to dispute this with my credit card, after the seller provided a return slip, but with unreasonable demands?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Jay – you certainly have nothing to lose by trying to dispute the charge. That’s the first step I would take. Let us know how it turns out!

  68. teresa says:

    I ordered a MagicJack. Shipper said it was delivered to my mailbox. Never got it. Filled out online form with Citi for $42 dispute, they credited the $42 within 2 seconds of submitting dispute charge. Nice.

  69. Sue says:

    Hello, After researching, I believe I’m the victim of a bait & switch scheme. I purchased skin care products from a kiosk vendor in a mall. Others have been victims of this same vendor in numerous locations. How do you suggest I proceed? Should I call my credit card company and file a complaint? Thank you!

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Sue – So sorry that happened to you! The best place to start is always to contact your credit card company to initiate a dispute. They will investigate the situation and respond back to you. Best of luck resolving your issue!

  70. Utpal says:

    Hello. On October 31,2018 I made a travel reservation with AMEX travel using my AMEX everyday card of total amount $2k. Within 24hrs I called them to cancel the reservation and they canceled it. After 2days suddenly I saw over $15k has been charged on my account whereas my credit limit is $3k. Then I called them back and next day I found some of them has been credited to my account. Still I saw $9k balance in my account. I was calling them back and forth and they informed me that there was some system error. They put a dispute on the charges. However they didn’t resolve the issue yet. Last week I saw that the charges came back again in my account. I called them again and they informed me that they are going to give it back in 2 to 3 days. Still I don’t see any update. What should I do now?
    Looking forward

    • Tracy East says:

      Hello! Have you spoken to your Amex Customer Service department? It sounds like you’ve only spoken to the vendor about this dispute and mistake. We suggest that you reach out directly to Amex and let them know what is going on. They should be able to walk you through the next steps to get this fully resolved. Best of luck!

  71. Angel says:

    2 months ago I filed a dispute with a merchant because they charged my card twice. I tried calling them many times but was not able to get through before I disputed with my credit card company. I won the dispute and have been returned the money. The merchant is now emailing me, continuously, because they feel I still owe them the money. I did not respond at first, but I did respond when they told me I needed to reply urgently so matters do not escalate. I responded by telling them to contact the credit card company. Are they allowed to email me like this, demanding money, after they lost the dispute? Are they allowed to take any action, like try to sue me for the money? I am getting frustrated with this!

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Angel – I am not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice, but if you continue to receive threatening communication from the merchant, you may want to seek legal advice. It’s possible that the merchant and the credit card company may be able to resolve the matter, but in short, winning a dispute with your credit card company does not mean that a merchant cannot continue to attempt to collect funds that they believe they are owed. I found a helpful article on this issue that might give you some insight.

      Best of luck resolving your situation – let us know how it turns out!

  72. Diane says:

    i made a single purchase in Dec.and used my debit card. i was charge twice for the item. I called the store to tell him what had happen he a sure me that he would get it cleared up. it’s been two weeks and he has done nothing to resolve it. I have spoken to him three times.
    I offered to send him prove of being charged twice and he says “thats ok, will fix it”. as of today nothing has been done. what can I do from here?

    • Tracy East says:

      Diane – have you reached out to your bank to discuss how to handle the charge? They should be able to give you details about their process. Debit card transactions are not always handled the same way that credit card transactions are handled, so I would involve my bank’s customer service department and follow their advice. Best of luck getting this resolved quickly!

  73. Diane says:

    I made a single purchase in Dec.and used my debit card. I was charge twice for the item. I called the store to tell him what had happen he a sure me that he would get it cleared up. it’s been two weeks and he has done nothing to resolve it. I have spoken to him three times.
    I offered to send him prove of being charged twice and he says “thats ok, I will fix it”, as of today nothing has been done. what can I do from here?

  74. Anna says:

    In Sept 2018 I was notified of an $800 charge to Federal Express on my card without the card present, so I immediately called Citi. They did not pay the merchant, and reversed the charges and closed my card. Merchant sent “proof” that it was a valid charge, however I was billed as a 3rd party on a shipment from Ghana to Texas. I signed an affidavit stating it was fraudulently charged to me. Citi sided with me on the dispute and when Fedex began calling my house, Citi advised I not engage, so I ignored the calls. Today I got a letter from a collection agency, on behalf of FedEx, stating I owe over $900 and must notify them within 30 days if I dispute the validity of the debt, or it will be assumed the debt is valid. Any advice? I don’t want this ending up on my credit report. I had nothing to do with this charge. Shouldn’t they be going after the person in TX who received this delivery? There is a name and address on the paperwork I was sent from Fedex via Citi! How do I handle the debt collection company’s notice?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Anna – it sounds like you did everything right in terms of disputing the charge. I’m so sorry that you are continuing to experience difficulty with this situation that appeared to be resolved. We aren’t able to give legal advice, but I would suggest speaking with someone at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau about your rights.

  75. Steve says:

    I have a dispute for approximately $2,000 that I filed against a merchant 74 days ago for defective goods. The credit card company has not provided me with any indication that the merchant has responded, nor have they sent me any indication that the dispute is progressing at all. I contacted them numerous times up through last month and was simply told they were “investigating.” Two billing cycles have come and gone; the third billing cycle will close in approximately 2 weeks. The provisional credit remains on my account. What should I do at this point?

  76. John R Pallock says:

    I was a victim on Identity theft on 12/14/2018. Someone used a “convenience check” from a Barclay credit card I used to have and wrote it out for $20,000 and deposited it into a fake bank account with my name. Now, Barclay is declining my case because they said the signature looked like mine, and the bank account that it was deposited into was mine. I explained the account was fraudulent and my signature was forged and they will not help me. What can I do? I believe I know who the person is that did this, and they told me I would have to “press charges” (Which I want to avoid) for them to help me. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi John – What a frustrating situation for you! It sounds like you’ve done all of the initial steps to dispute the charge, and the creditor is reporting back their findings according to the process. If you’re wanting to avoid pressing charges to pursue the matter further, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney to discuss what additional options you may have.

  77. Nick Pick says:

    I was just charged on my credit card an auto-renewal. I was charged last year $1300 but I was charged $3600 this year. I called the merchant and told them that I wanted to cancel and wanted a refund. They told me they would bring it down $2000. I told them I did not know and would call them back. They said I could not wait too long or they could not help me. The charge is still pending on my credit card. I called back within the hour and they told me they could not do anything for me. They said the sent out an email about the price increase but I only found it after the fact in my junk mail. I called them back about the email being in my junk mail and they said I should have looked in my junk mail.
    I called a third time and ask to speak to a supervisor. I was told that there was no one to talk to. I was told I should have read the terms on their website. I have been a customer for over 10 years and have been using this product when it was free. They slowly over time started charging for it.
    I have ask my credit card to dispute this.

    • Tracy East says:

      It sounds like you’ve done what you can to resolve the situation with your original creditor. If you’ve attempted to resolve the situation with the company and were unable to get resolution, dispute may be the next right step. I’m hopeful that you find a solution quickly with your credit card company!

  78. Denisse says:

    I think I was double charged/overcharged. On my statement shows two different prices $39.84 and $100.02, but this in fact the same purchase.
    Yankee candle was having 60% off large candles to celebrate their 50th anniversary and then i was also sent an email with an additional 10% making my total for 3 candles $39.84 with shipping + tax. Which is what was charged, but then I was also charged $100.02 which what would have been the prices of the 3 candles with shipping+taxes and NO discounts.

    I called customer service to see why this happened, and they couldn’t give me an answer why but did in fact state that I shouldn’t have paid this $100.02 because of the discounts going on. However, they couldn’t see that the other charged amount ($39), and i didn’t receive an email confirmation for it, but my credit card statement shows TWO orders under the different prices.
    Customer service said they’ll fix the problem immediately by making the $100 into the discounted price, when i called after a minute of noticing, but it’s been several days and no change has been made to fix this. I at least that then it would make it easier to dispute one charge when they have the same pricing.

    It is not fair to pay $139.86 for just 3 candles because of a glitch their website (I only clicked the order button ONCE) must of been having when once again it should only been one charge which was the $39.84. And even if i get them, and return them then i’ll still have the almost $40 still on the account be left with 0 candles.
    This has been a stressful process that has never happened to me before involving the two charges of different pricing for the same exactly order. And i really don’t know which price to dispute since this has never happened to me before

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s a very stressful situation Denisse! It sounds like you’ve already made steps to contact the creditor and ask them to fix the error. If they do not correct the mistake, the next step would be to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge, explaining to them the steps you have already taken. Let us know how it is resolved!

  79. Michael says:

    I ordered a jacket, and received the item through the mail. It didn’t fit correctly so I asked the merchant for a “return merchandise authorization”, per their return policy. The company sent me the RMA through e-mail. Minutes later, another e-mail announced that I should NOT send the jacket back, and that I would have to talk to “Mr. Joseph”, before I could return the jacket. At this point, the merchant refused to get in touch, even though I called and e-mailed repeatedly. So I disputed the original charge with my CC company, and the disputed transaction was resolved in my favor.
    So now I still have the jacket, and my original purchase has been reversed. The right thing to do is to send the jacket back, so I tried to get another RMA, but AGAIN–have not had a response from the merchant. Once a dispute is resolved, but the customer (me) still has the product, is there a legal obligation to return the merchandise?

  80. Connie says:

    I filed a dispute by mistake on a charge that my daughter had made. I forgot she had made the charge when I went to fly the dispute. How do I go about canceling the dispute??

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Connie – I believe you should be able to just contact your credit card company and let them know you made a mistake and want to cancel the dispute. I’ve had to do this myself when one of my children made a charge on my credit card that I wasn’t aware of. My credit card company just took care of cancelling it on their end. Best of luck!

  81. Gloria Silva Herzog says:

    Almost 3 years ago I went to a dentist and accepted to finish and implant and do some other things in my mouth for 3500 dollars. At the time I did not have money and I THOUGHT I wouldn’t have any credit. He told me there was a bank which lent money to people in similar situations, without charging interests if you paid the debt within 36 months. His secretary checked my credit with the bank and told me the bank gave me a credit line of 7000 dollars. I made it clear to him that all I could do was what we had agreed upon ($3500) since I had no home or a car and, at the time, I could not work because of my immigration status. I have never borrowed money for anything and am very preoccupied about any debts (they give me nightmares).
    He started the treatment and I started paying the loan.
    About 2 months after I started paying it, the bank started calling me and saying I had to pay more each month. I asked them why and they told me my loan was 7000 dollars. I was stunned and told them it was not possible. They told me to talk to the dentist, which I did. For a couple of weeks, the dentist told me it should be some king of mistake of the bank and I kept going back and forth from one to the other. The dentist finally admitted that he charged me more than we agreed upon. Additionally, he told me to go back in one week because he was going to give me a check of 1875 dollars to pay half of the excessive charges and that I had to pay for the other half. I did not say anything but felt suspicious about his attitude and did not accept to pay for $1875 I had not borrowed. I didn’t go there but it seems that they sent the check in anyway.
    I kept paying the loan I had accepted for 2 years, in the proportion of 123 dollars per month. During this time, I went back to the dental clinic once to try to finish the implant but a new dentist in the clinic came to talk to me and said they did not have the parts for the implant and she was going to do something else. I refused to do anything else and left and never went back to this dentist.
    During the 2 years that passed by I paid Comenity bank about 3100 dollars and tried to dispute the charges at least twice, besides calling the bank several times. All they answer me is that I have to pay it. Currently the bank is calling me to pay “my” debt. However, their records do not show anything more than 18 months old. They tell me I borrowed 3500 dollars, I tell them I paid almost 3100 dollars and then, they tell me I have to pay them almost 2000 dollars before they send the charges to an attorney. They are damaging my credit rating, ruining my sleep, harassing me with their calls and do not can not even see the whole data history and understand that it is impossible to get to these numbers. ($3500 – $3100 = $2000). I have talked to costumer service, payment solutions department and to fraud department to no results. Please, can you help me to understand what is going on?

    • Tracy East says:

      Gloria – what a hard situation! It sounds like you’ve done all of the things to dispute the charge with your creditor. Have you gotten any legal advice about how you can handle the situation with the original service provider? It sounds like legal advice might be your best alternative at this point.

  82. Ali saleh says:

    I need an advice it’s my first charge disputing,
    My 7 years old daughter was playing on my phone and she purchased from in app purchased for 980$, I contacted apple they said the amount is non refundable. So I called chase and told them that my apple account was hacked and I didn’t authorized the transaction in my debit card they have put the money back in my account for temporary until they finishthe investigation.
    I’m worried now will I get the money back or they going to tell me that I lost the case?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Ali – there’s no real way to tell what your creditor will determine. Once you report fraudulent activity, as you indicated, most creditor will do an investigation into the charges that have been reported. They should notify you if there is anything to report. Best of luck as you seek to resolve this issue!

      • Ali Saleh says:

        I checked my App Store purchase history and I saw that all the purchases I disputed labeled as refunded but I haven’t heard back from my bank.
        Does that means the dispute was approved?

        • Tracy East says:

          It may mean that it was approved, but I would check with your bank before spending the funds just in case!

  83. Jithendra says:

    My car was broken recently with the starter and oil pan issue. I have contacted a local mobile mechanic company and they have sent a mechanic to my home to fix it. I have taken a picture of the dashboard with all lights odometer etc., to understand its meaning in google before the day the mechanic arrived. Mechanic completed his work and I have made a payment of around $500 through citi credit card. While mechanic was there I realized that the car started showing check engine light. I claimed that the light was not there before and it started showing now. I have sent the mechanic company with all the pictures (before and after) also the service record from the recent service done (mid April 2019) at a Honda dealer. Mechanic company claims that the check engine light is due to O2 sensor but it has been there for a long time. But actually that is not true and also the O2 sensor is located near that oil pan. After a few messages exchanged, he stopped responding to my messages. Can I do a dispute? Would the credit card company trust the evidences I have?

    • Tracy East says:

      Disputes about the quality of goods and services are not “billing errors,” so the dispute procedure doesn’t apply. However, if you have a problem with goods or services you paid for with a credit or charge card, you can take the same legal actions against the card issuer as you can take under state law against the seller. To take advantage of this protection, you must have made the purchase (it must be for more than $50) in your home state or within 100 miles of your current billing address, and make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute with the seller first.

  84. Rebecca says:

    I had a random 726.00 dollar charge land on my credit card that I noticed the following day it was made on my online statement. Im assuming it was made at a machine that you stick the card in and then enter your zip code because its a transit charge to somewhere I don’t even live – Im guessing a monthly pass since its so outrageous. Weird thing is I still have my credit cards. Ive reported it to the police and the card company as unauthorized- they told me the time they made the charge was 6 ish in the morning on Sunday…so I cannot prove I wasn’t there since I was asleep. The credit card company is telling me although there is a “security hold” on it that I may see the charge reappear on my next statement!!! They are telling me “they still charged it to me”! Nobody is doing their due diligence to resolve this- Im sure the merchant doesn’t care and just wants money and citi doesn’t either. It seems to me the cops could easily just track the crook down based on wherever they are swiping the transit card? But I have doubts they are even going to do anything about it. Its outrageous, I really don’t know what else I can do but I DID NOT make this charge! And nobody seems to be helping me not even the merchant as they keep sending me back to my credit card company (citi) which is not taking this seriously. If I wasn’t there making the charge and this person somehow “cloned” my card and knew my zip code, how can I prove this wasn’t me! I cannot afford to pay this amount for someone else charge!

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Rebecca – as long as you’ve filed an official dispute, your creditor must investigate. It sounds like that’s in process and that even if the charge shows up on your next statement, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the dispute has been settled.

  85. Ellen says:

    My credit card has unauthorized charges and I have already filed dispute. Just want to know what information should I expect from the dispute report after its been successful disputed?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Ellen – your creditor should report their findings back to you once they have investigated the fraudulent charges

  86. Penn says:

    I opened dispute with Barclay Card over the tickets purchase and provided them all the information they requested. I wanted to cancel my order with the merchant but they have no cancellation policy, I told them I got wrong tickets as well and they continued investigation. During one of the phone conversation with Barclay Card I was told that my dispute is resolved in my favor so I moved on from it and did not try to sell tickets or recover any money in case dispute is not closed in my favor. After about 2-3 weeks after this conversation I got a call from bank and they are telling me that they are closing dispute and in merchant favor because they have no refund policy. I explained that their representative called me earlier and told me it’s closed in my favor and that they can go and listen to recorded conversation since they are recording all of them. I was told I will get a call from a manager. Manager called me and apologized that I was wrongfully told and that they should have used better wording and will do better training for their representatives but she cannot credit my money back and I have to reopen dispute and provide additional information to have dispute reviewed again but can the fact that I was told by their rep that it was closed in my favor be used to hire an attorney and fight with bank now and not merchant over this money?. What can I do in this situation?

    • Tracy East says:

      That’s a tough situation Penn. If the creditor has closed their investigation in favor of the merchant, unfortunately at that point, you become responsible for the charge and any interest that accumulated during the dispute period. If you don’t pay at that point, you risk hurting your credit. You can certainly continue to escalate the situation with your creditor, but the charges are your responsibility until they say otherwise.

      • Krysta says:

        Im not sure if im posting this is the right place but i have situation that i need some advice. I was given permission from a family member to make a purchase with her bank card which I did. About 36 days later this fmaily member contacted her bank and said she didnt know what the transaction was that it was unauthorized which i feel is fraud. she knowingly gave me permission and gave me the card to take and use. The merchant was then contacted to refund the money so they reversed the charge. When i contacted this bank asking if there was anything i could do, they said they couldn’t tell me anything but did tell me the money wasn’t credited back to that account. Im confused now and dont know what if anything I can do. If the bank says the money doesnt show credited back to the account where would it be if the money was reversed from merchant?

        • Tracy East says:

          Hi Krysta – if you aren’t an authorized signer or account holder on the account, it’s unlikely that the creditor will be able to provide you any information about the account details and the results of the dispute.

  87. Hannah says:

    Hey there! I’d love some advice. I recently had to pull my son from his daycare after a terrible experience. The daycare charged us in 2 week increments. My son’s last day was on September 25th. We were charged on September 24th for the week of September 23 and the week of September. Upon leaving the daycare on September 25th, I asked for a refund for the week of September 30th since my son will not be attending. The daycare refused my refund. I tried a few more times and their last lovely note is that we will not see “one sent from them.” I decided to file a dispute with my charge card company today. I was informed that they can’t keep my money on services that were not provided.

    Just wondering if I have a good chance of getting my money back for the week of September 30th? This is the first time I filed a dispute. Thanks!!

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Hannah – that’s a great question. If the daycare has a policy about tuition payments that includes a requirement to provide notice, you may have a harder time getting refund. That said, if your creditor has indicated that they aren’t allowed to charge for services that were not rendered, it’s a positive indication that you’ll see some movement. Best of luck resolving your situation!

  88. Mark says:

    I disputed a charge with American Express for over $8,000. The merchant did a chargeback to AMEX for that amount; however, AMEX is refusing to reimburse my credit. I have sent numerous letters to AMEX with their final response stating that I needed to contact the merchant. I contacted the merchant and they indicated that AMEX is responsible to credit my account. AMEX is refusing to investigate AMEX has not provided me the funds. What can I do now to have my money, which the merchant charged back to AMEX, credited to my account?

    • Tracy East says:

      Since you’re dealing with such a large amount, you may want to consider contacting an attorney for a consultation about what your options are Mark.

  89. Tim Wolfe says:

    I’m having a problem with Barclay. I bought an item online, it did not work correctly, and I immediately contacted the merchant for a return authorization, twice….and didn’t get a response. So acting quickly, I called barclays to dispute the charge. Despite my explanation, i get a response back from the investigation showing that I purchased the item and saying that my dispute was ruled against…….what???? So I print out the emails showing my R/A request and send in a letter and I get another letter back saying that upon further review they cannot rule in my favor stating insufficient proof/unwillingness that merchant is willing to accept a returned item. I dont know what to do, what other proof can I provide beyond proof that I emailed them…..I can’t PROVE they didn’t respond, but if they merchant can’t provide proof that they did send me the R/A, how can I lose this fight? I don’t understand what to do now.

    • Tracy East says:

      So sorry you’re dealing with this Tim! Have you spoken to someone higher up at your creditor to ask them what to do next? We wish you luck in resolving this situation

  90. Annie says:

    I booked 4 airline tickets with a travel agency but when I tried to process it online, it said unsuccessful. A few days later, I had charges for 4 tickets that were initially unsuccessful. When I sign into their website, it is asking me to confirm my booking. This is my third time opening up a dispute case with Amex but each time, I just keep losing even after showing proof that my booking is not even confirmed on their website. What should my next steps be? I really don’t want to pay this amount as I already booked the same trip with a different agency. It is completely unfair to me when I won’t even be showing up to the reservation…

    • Tracy East says:

      What a frustrating situation Annie! Have you spoken to someone higher up at AMEX in the dispute department? I would keep escalating your dispute up the chain of command and see if you get a different result.

  91. Jesus says:

    I called my bank the other day to file a dispute for a transaction and the following day they closed my account permanently which was really weird since it was the first time it happened to me.

  92. Perry says:

    Hi. I am a merchant. A customer called his bank and claimed $850 in fraudulent charges. We contacted him and he looked into it and realized that the charges were legitimate. He should have investigated and realized that his wife had made them.

  93. Sammi Huang says:

    Hi, so I recently fell for a phishing attempt online and gave my information. As a result, I had my card information stolen (the physical card was with me the entire time this happened. The bank I used was HSBC and I contacted them about the unauthorized charges. This was a few months back like November-ish. Now there is a letter that says “the activity has been confirmed as unauthorized, and the credit applied to your new account number ending in XXXX on XXXXXX for $XXX.XX will remain. What does this mean? Am I stuck with paying the amount because the bank could not? Or is it just saying the amount will show up on the account, but I won’t have to pay it and rather it is just there as a number? I really do not want to call the bank again because they are a pain to deal with.

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Sammi – It can be frustrating dealing with large companies that have many layers of employees before you get to the people you need to deal with. Unfortunately, the bank you’re dealing with is best equipped to report the results of their investigation to you and what it means for your account. It sounds like you’re saying the communication you received indicates that there is a credit on your account due to the unauthorized charges, but you should confirm it with them ASAP.

  94. David Lawrence says:

    Hi I disputed a charge by a vendor. The vendor had legitimately charged me once, but then charged me for the next 2 months. I disputed, and the credit card company sided with the vendor. But, the vendor lied in their response. When I call the credit card company, will they listen to my story to explain what the vendor actually did, or will they say, sorry we have already closed the dispute in their favor.

  95. Rick says:

    I recently noticed that a local merchant (a takeout and dine in restaurant) is charging few cents extra on my credit card than the amount I see on the bill. The extra charges were so minor (5 cents and 7 cents) that most people would ignore it. AND I CAN CONFIRM THOSE WERE NOT THE TIP (I WOULD’T PAY 5 OR 7 CENTS in TIP). However, since I noticed this more than once I decided to file a dispute with my credit card company (B of A). I have the receipts for these transactions and I provided those to the credit card company.

    My dispute is still pending (it’s just been few days since I filed the dispute). However, today I received an email notification from Experian stating “Your score decreased”. I logged into my Experian account and noticed that my credit score went down to 765 from 804. (A 39 POINT DECREASE).

    Upon further inspection I noticed that this decrease is because my credit card account on Experian says “Unknown payment history” (which is otherwise marked as “Exceptional payment history”. And there is a note which reads “Account in dispute – reported by subscriber (fcba)”.

    So my question is why does submitting a credit card dispute for 5 cent (and by the way I never stopped paying my credit card due) decreased my score by 40 points? Even if this is temporary it doesn’t makes any sense.

    I’m in the middle of house hunting and might need to apply for a mortgage any day now. And I’m stressed about my score taking a dip and that note against my credit card account in my credit report. Is there anything I can do to undo all of this?

    • Tracy East says:

      Hi Rick,
      Hopefully, the decrease in your score is temporary and will resolve once your dispute is settled. There are complex algorithms in place for calculating credit scores, and it’s hard to pinpoint why they go up and down because of seemingly small actions. You may want to reach out to a customer service rep at Experian and inquire whether there is anything that can be done to correct the issue on your report. Best of luck!

  96. Louis says:

    I have disputed a charge with my credit card company for airline flights that were cancelled by the airline. The airline (South African Airways- SAA) has not acknowledged my valid request for a refund for over three months now. I escalated the complaint to my credit card company (Capital One) with complete documentation of every attempt to contact SAA as well as documentation of all charges against my credit card for services that they failed to provide for which I paid. This documentation included the carriers Condition of Carriage which clearly states that if an airline cancels your flights they have to provide a refund if requested. I also provided the relevant documentation from the US DOT which also clearly states that if an airline cancels a flight (any flight which touches US Soil) that the consumer is entitled to a refund. This is on top of complete documentation as requested by Capital One for everything from copies of the airline tickets, every attempt to contact SAA via email, telephone, online chat and SAA facebook page etc. as well as copies of material that I emailed and snail mailed to SAA requesting a refund.
    After 3 weeks of “investigation” after receipt of my documentation (I have both a physical record of receipt of the information and a recorded phone call confirming receipt) I received a form letter from Capital One saying that I did not provide the required information and that they were closing the case. No explanation besides the supposed “did not provide the information we requested”. Obviously they did not look at the documentation I provided since I clearly and completely provided every piece of information they requested (both on their form and as well in a 7 page document cross-referenced to all of their questions and all of the information I provided).
    They are clearly in violation of the US Fair Credit Billing Act (15 US Code 1666 Section 3b) which states that goods or services not accepted by the obligor or his designee or not delivered to the obligor or his designee in accordance with the agreement made at the time of a transaction are covered. Capital One does not seem to care about the law nor do they have any credibility IMO since they clearly feel that they can get away with a brush off form letter.
    So I’m looking for suggestions on how to move forward with them. Your thoughts are appreciated.
    PS. I’ve started a second dispute with Chase for additional airline tickets purchased for my family which again SAA has not responded to. Any advice on how to deal with them would be appreciated as well as it seems from the above discussions that they may be worse than Capital One.

  97. Andrew says:

    There was an unauthorized purchase on my credit card account from some kind of women’s skincare website that I know I did not purchase from, since as a male, don’t care about that stuff and I’m the only one in my household. The charge appeared at the end of September and it is about a month later. I have contacted my card issuer which is a credit union twice now and they say they will look into it, but I have not yet received anything in writing that they have taken any action. They charged me a $5 fee to issue a new card which came promptly. It is coming very close to the 30 day requirement to where they need to contact me in writing about them starting an investigation, but have heard nothing. If the credit union decides to do nothing, who do I contact to go over their heads? I can’t physically go to the credit union because I live in MN now and the only branches are in CA and FL.

    • Tracy East says:

      If you haven’t heard back after 30 days I would suggest contacting your card issuer and asking to speak to their fraud department and then ask for a supervisor. Sometimes you have to be persistent. Best of luck resolving your issue quickly!

  98. oliver says:

    When a dispute is closed in my favor, can it be reopen and look over it again or is it final. its done.

  99. jasonwhite says:

    Great Blog To read about. This blog is very useful while we are involved in Credit Card Dispute. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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