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4 Good Summer Jobs for Kids

Mowing lawns is still a good summer job.

School is out and it’s time for kids all around the country to start finding fun things to do this summer. Some kids may go to camp and some may travel. However, if your child is old enough and responsible, you probably want them to find a part time job.

Kids, teenagers and college students alike may not want to start looking for summer jobs because they want to spend their days at the beach or hanging out with friends. It’s true, working is not fun -- but having money is.

Of course kids can open a lemonade stand or get a paper route, but what other types of jobs are out there for kids? As parents you want your kids to be safe, have fun and earn a little extra cash. The more money they make the less you have to give them and that’s always a bonus.

If your children are looking for something to do this summer check out these summer jobs for kids in your local area.

Start a babysitting network

Babysitting gigs are good work experience because they teach kids to be responsible. Babysitters have to be creative to keep the kids busy and they also have to have authority to make sure the kids eat and go to bed on time.

It’s not a bad way to spend the summer days, but a babysitter is only one person which means the earning potential is limited to how much time they have. However starting a babysitting network (a Babysitter’s Club) can help get more clients and earn more money this summer. This same idea can apply to other types of services such as lawn mowing.

Apply at Mc Donald’s

They say if you work for McDonald’s you can get a job anywhere afterwards. Why? Because McDonald’s offers some of the best time management and customer service training out there. They also believe in hiring employees of all ages which means a summer job at the golden arches may just be your child’s big break into the working world. This may start out as a summer job for kids, but it can definitely continue into the school year.

Visit the nearest golf course

What could be better than spending the summer outside getting fresh air and working on a tan? Golf courses are seasonal which means they offer great summer jobs for kids. Working in the club house could also mean earning tips which puts more cash savings into your kid’s pocket.

Find part time office work

Summertime means summer vacations. Full time office employees will be taking time off throughout the summer months, but the office doesn’t close down. This opens a door for part time work opportunities until it’s time to go back to school. Your children can bring their resumes to local offices and ask if they have any available summer jobs for kids.

What was your summer job as a kid?

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1 Response to 4 Good Summer Jobs for Kids

  1. Bethany Johnson says:

    These are great ideas, I cannot wait to see which ones my kids gravitate toward. Thank you for the ideas!

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