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13 popular restaurant recipes you can make at home

There's no need to order delivery when you can cook these restaurant recipes at home

Let’s be honest, eating out is fun and restaurant recipes are delicious. It’s a lot easier to throw out a delivery container than it is to spend twenty minutes doing dishes. Unfortunately ordering take out is a luxury not everyone can afford. So how can you get the great taste of restaurant food at a fraction of the cost? By preparing your favorite recipes in the comfort of your own home.

These 13 popular restaurant recipes can be savoured any day of the week -- and you don’t have to wait for the delivery man. We can’t help with the dishes, but while your hands are soaping up just think of all the money you’re saving by making your favorite restaurant meals at home.

Pizza. Making pizza at home can be really easy and the price is usually under 15 dollars. All you need to do is buy a pizza crust, add a can of sauce then throw on your fave meats and veggies. Cheese is the most expensive ingredient and you can cut down the cost by checking flyers for sales.

Mac and cheese. This popular comfort food can be prepared several different ways from baked to with lobster. The price can vary but at least you’ll save on the delivery fee and tip when you prepare it at home.

Burritos. Mexican food is delicious and although it can take some time to prepare you can make it in bulk and reuse the core ingredients -- that’s a huge money saver.

Tacos. Once you put in the time in to cook rice, vegetables, guacamole, salsa and steak or chicken for your burritos you can reuse the ingredients for tacos. It’s a completely new meal, there are no additional costs.

Burgers. The smell of yummy things cooking on the grill is in the air. If you don’t want to make burger patties from ground beef you can buy them at the grocery store and still save money versus dining out.

Milkshakes. What’s easier than throwing some ice cream and milk into a blender? Enough said!

Stir fry. One of the best food money saving tips is to buy and cook in bulk. Mixing up some veggies in a wok can be a great topper to a variety of meals such as stir fried noodles or rice.

Sundaes. You can buy an entire tub of ice cream at the grocery store for the cost of only one or two sundaes -- even with the toppings.

French fries. Not only is it cheaper to cook fries at home, but it’s a lot healthier too. Cut two potatoes and mix them in a bowl with 2 tbsp. of oil. Shake on some salt and pepper and bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, turning once.

Pancakes. Weekend breakfasts are the best, but there’s no need to spend 20 dollars per person at IHOP. Whipping up some pancakes and bacon at home is the budget friendly way to enjoy Sunday brunch.

Chili. If you love a hot bowl of chili make a big pot and freeze the leftovers.

Chocolate chip cookies. Making cookies from scratch or buying the Pillsbury dough can make a dozen cookies for the cost of one.

Fried chicken. No one will ever crack the secret recipe for finger looking good chicken but you can come close.

What’s your favorite restaurant recipe to make at home?

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  1. My favorite recipe is pancake. I do it all the way. They taste good.

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