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Budgeting Skills and Learning Disability

budgeting skills and learning disability

Budgeting Skills and Learning Disability

A subject like budgeting has many nuances. For the individual with a learning disability, it’s potentially more complicated.  We must be careful not to assume that the individual with a disability isn’t capable of managing their budget and finances successfully. At the same time, we don’t want to “throw them into the deep end” and give them a task that is beyond their ability.

How we teach a skill like budgeting will depend, in large part, on ability of the learner, as well as the age of the learner. Older individuals may require a more in-depth understanding of the topic than a younger learner.

Teaching Budgeting Skills For a Learning Disability

Here are some things to consider when discussing or teaching budgeting to a person with a learning disability:

  • Discuss the importance of a budget: You don’t need a formal lesson right off the bat.  Define in simple terms what a budget it, establish some basic financial goals and take time to discuss why these things are important. It helps to get the learner excited to move forward with the process when they have a basic understanding.
  • Don’t make it complicated: Tailor your expectations to the learning level of the individual and avoid unnecessary detail. Focus on the most important parts of the budgeting process such as tracking income and expenses.
  • Avoid complicated processes: Sometimes a paper and pencil is the best tool! There are excellent resources available that can provide a basic budget work sheet geared towards a beginning learning level. The template below is basic, customizable, colorful/appealing and easy to understand

Simple Budget Template

  • Make examples real life: Make the numbers apply to the learner’s circumstances. Keep goal discussions going so they know what they are working toward. Emphasize saving pay stubs and receipts.
  • Have regular check in sessions: This helps you keep track of the process and offer feedback. You can also quickly correct errors if they happen.
  • Offer plenty of encouragement: Keep the learner on track and build their confidence by praising progress every step of the way. Celebrate their accomplishments!

Here  are some excellent  resources available to help individuals with a learning disability learn about money.

functioning the learner is as well as the learner’s age, with older learners requiring a more in-depth understanding of the topic.Read more :
functioning the learner is as well as the learner’s age, with older learners requiring a more in-depth understanding of the topic.Read more :

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3 Responses to Budgeting Skills and Learning Disability

  1. Kathleen says:

    I’m 64 years old with VERY VERY late diagnosis autism.It’s not that I Wouldn’t get help,it’s that I Couldn’t get help.A lot of damage has been done and I’m starting over.
    MY question is
    ¿How do I find somebody to teach and help me with budgeting?

    • Tracy East says:

      Kathleen – this is a great question! I would suggest contacting a non-profit credit counseling agency near you who will likely have community-based free educational classes you can attend. It may be more beneficial for you to attend an in-person session than to have a consultation over the phone. Let us know if we can assist you in any way!

  2. Sharon Stirland says:

    I am a carer for two sisters, with intellectual disabilities, I,m looking for help with their life skills, and budgeting, ready for their independant life, any information would be helpful.

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