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Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget

As the holiday season approaches, you might get an itch to celebrate. If you love to play host, a holiday party might be the way to go. While you can always throw caution to the wind and break the bank when planning a party, it’s also possible to hold a fantastic holiday party on a budget. A bit of planning can mean that both you and your wallet make it through a holiday shindig intact.

Calculate Beverages Carefully

Beverages might be one of the biggest expenses for your party, so it pays to plan wisely. Don’t feel you have to have a fully stocked bar to offer guests. Sticking with either wine, beer, or a signature cocktail will help cut down on beverage expenses considerably. Avoid overspending on drinks by having just enough on hand to serve the number of guests who will attend. Typically, guests have two drinks the first hour of a party, then one drink each hour after that, according to Epicurious. You can also decide not to serve alcohol at your party at all, or ask your guests to BYOB.

Make It a Cookie Swap

What’s a holiday party without cookies? Instead of purchasing trays of holiday cookies from a local bakery or confining yourself to the kitchen for hours on end, turn your holiday party into a cookie swap. Ask each guest to bring a batch of cookies, then set them up on a separate table, with a tag or label for each one. Pick up some inexpensive bakery boxes or paper bags for guests to fill with whatever cookies they want to take home with them.

Score Free Entertainment

Unless you already have a stash of holiday or party music, finding the right songs to play for your party can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, streaming services can help you host a holiday party on a budget by providing the tunes you need for free. If you don’t care about which particular songs play during your fete, program a station on Pandora. You can choose something like “club dance party” or “holiday party,” and Pandora will play songs that fit in that genre. If you want to have a little more control over the songs that play during your party, Spotify lets you create a specific playlist, so you don’t have to worry about a terrible song interrupting your event.

Use What You’ve Got

You don’t have to run out and buy special decorations for your party. Instead, make the most of what you already have. For example, you can fill a glass serving bowl or trifle dish with ball ornaments for an instant, affordable centerpiece. Break out a pair of scissors and some basic white printer paper and cut out paper snowflakes. White plates and table linens provide a simple and elegant backdrop to whatever decor choices you make. A few strategically placed candles on the buffet table, in the guest bathroom, and on the mantel, if you have one, can go a long way.

A budget holiday party can still be an impressive one. Your guests will be delighted to celebrate with you and won’t mind that you didn’t invest in all-new decor or hire a DJ to keep them entertained.

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