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Can’t Keep Up? Simplify Making Payments to Creditors

Using online bill pay can keep you on track.

Are you having a hard time making payments to your creditors? If so, you are not alone.

Making payments on time is a source of pain for many people. More than 75 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, according to CNN. With numbers like those, it is easy to feel a little down.

According to Psych Central, debt can lead to a slew of problems. Depression is one of them, and there are others such as job loss, eviction, and credit problems.

People with credit, spending, and payment problems may also have trouble getting a job. An article at job website reveals that potential employers may use an applicant’s spending and credit history to make hiring or promotion decisions. Don’t allow your debts to get you down. Stay on track, and make your payments on time.

There are simple and easy ways to make payments on your everyday living expenses and debts. Follow the tips below to de-clutter your life and avoid payment problems in the future.

5 BASIC Ways to Simplify Your Life and Stay on Track


Budget your money, and it will make managing your cash easier. You will feel better when you know where your money is going each month. Mint and Quicken provide free or low-cost online software to help you get your spending under control.


Worried that your check won’t make it to your creditor on time?

Don’t worry, automate!

Avoid the pain and pressure of paying bills the old-fashioned way via snail mail. Enrolling in automatic online bill payments, also known as automating, is a secure and easy way to pay bills. Another added benefit of automatic online bill payments is that, at most banks, it is free. You will save money and worry less.

If you prefer not to have your money automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you can pay your bills yourself online. Most creditors have online payment systems and bill-payment services for their customers. Contact your creditors to see if they provide this service. Schedule one day each week or month to begin regularly paying your bills.

Save for Contingencies

Set aside money for emergencies. Save 5 to 10 percent of your net income in a regular savings account. Experts recommend saving three to nine months of living expenses. The money should be readily available if you need it, but you should only use it if an emergency arises.

Increase Your Income

When you have enough money to pay your bills, making payments can bring a sense of fulfillment and reduce your stress. Increase your income by cutting your expenses, living within your means, and finding ways to earn additional income.

Cash Is King

Use cash or pay for purchases with a debit card. Avoid going into more debt by using cash for your day-to-day purchases. This spending method will help you stop spending when the cash in your wallet is gone.

Making payments to creditors is easier if you use and apply the BASIC system on a regular basis. The vast majority of payment problems can be alleviated through automation and repetition. Think of it as a wash, rinse and repeat cycle, and watch the dark clouds of debt and stress disappear.

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  1. Tommy says:

    There really needs to be a way that we can make a payment online. Just a thought.

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