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Take Advantage of After Christmas Sales

Like Black Friday, spending the day after Christmas shopping is a tradition for millions of Americans. In my opinion, December 26 is actually a much better day to shop. Not only are there fewer crowds (there will definitely be crowds – but it won’t be as bad as Black Friday), stores often have b...

Last Minute Ways to Save Money Over the Holidays

The holidays are here once again and that means you’re probably spending a fortune on gifts and are preparing to host company or visit family. That means you’ll still be spending even more money before the holidays are over. But don’t drain your bank account just yet. There are several things ...

Holiday Travel Tips

By Bianca Gentry The winter holidays are approaching, and if you’re like millions of Americans, you’re planning to do some traveling in the next few months. But you’re already spending a fortune on gifts – how are you supposed to afford airfare too? Here are some tips for getting...


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