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Ways to Earn Extra Money

ways to supplement your income

Supplementing your income can sometimes be a tough task to accomplish, especially during hard economic times. We all face times when we’re low on cash, so we’ve come up with some ways to earn extra money. Although none of these ideas will help you strike it rich, here are a few easy ways to supplement your income today.

1. Sell books online. If you have a lot of unwanted books lying around your home, why not get rid of them by selling them online? Popular online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and, grant individuals the opportunity to list and sell their unwanted books online. You will need a legitimate bank account or a PayPal account to successfully sell books online. If you run out of books to sell, you can always purchase inexpensive books at thrift stores and resell them online for a higher price.

2. Offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn. If you have an elderly neighbor or an extremely busy neighbor, they may allow you the opportunity to mow their lawn. If you do a good job mowing your neighbor’s lawn, you may get repeat business or gain additional clients.

3. Create a blog. Creating a blog is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money, yet it can take quite a bit of time to actually see any profits. If you want to make money with your blog, you are first going to need to gain a lot of readers or a lot of traffic to your blog. You can get traffic to your blog by writing guest posts for popular blogs. You can also gain traffic to your blog by buying advertising space on blogs or websites that have a niche similar to your own. If possible, try to keep your blog’s focus to a specific niche. Blogs that focus on a specific niche, such as parenting tips or frugal living ideas, tend to be the most successful at making money. You can start a free blog with either Blogger, Typepad or WordPress.

4. Sell photos to stock companies online. If you enjoy photography, you may be able to make money by selling your photos as stock photos. Bloggers and website owners commonly use stock photos to enhance their content. All you need to successfully sell photos online is a digital camera, a USB cable or SD memory card, and access to a reputable photo editing or enhancement program, like Photoshop. You will need a USB cable or memory card (if your computer has an SD memory card port) to upload your photos from your digital camera to your computer.

5. Sell your unwanted stuff online. Selling your unwanted belongings online is another easy way you can go about supplementing your income. Amazon and eBay are a few popular marketplaces that grant individuals the unique opportunity to sell their unwanted stuff online. If you want to make a lot of money selling your unwanted belongings online, consider pricing your items competitively. Don’t be afraid to lower your prices to make a sale.

6. Become a dog walker. Do you enjoy spending time around dogs? If so, you may want to consider walking dogs for a little extra income. Extremely busy people don’t always have enough time to walk their dog. These people, as a result, will pay to have their dog walked. A sturdy leash and a durable dog collar or harness are a few items you will need to become a professional dog walker. You will also need to be a physically fit individual.

7. Take surveys online. Did you know that you can get paid simply for your opinions? Legitimate survey companies, such as Survey Savvy, Global Test Market and Survey Spot, will grant an individual a small amount of money in exchange for their honest opinions about popular products or services. Legitimate survey companies are free to join, don’t give out your personal information and are listed with the Better Business Bureau.

8. Donate plasma. Plasma is used to help people suffering with rare, chronic diseases. If you decide to donate plasma, you can expect to receive as much as $25 to $100 for your donation. Be aware that you have to meet certain requirements before you are able to successfully donate plasma. Potential donors must be 18 years old or older and must weigh at least 110 pounds to be eligible to donate plasma. In addition, potential donors will have to undergo an extensive medical history screening, be tested for transmissible viruses and must also pass a brief medical examination to be eligible to donate plasma.

9. Play games or shop online for money. Playing games and shopping online for money are a few of the easiest and most entertaining ways an individual can go about supplementing their income. A few popular companies that grant individuals the opportunity to play games and shop online for money include MyPoints, Swagbucks and Cash Crate.

10. Become a baby sitter. If you enjoy interacting with children, you could earn money babysitting. If you want to be a successful baby sitter, you will need to be a very responsible and reliable person. You will also need to know basic medical and safety skills, such as CPR.

What are your favorite ways to earn extra money?

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