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Tips For a Cheaper Valentine’s Day

save money on Valentine’s day

Ahh…Valentine’s Day. What an odd holiday. I think it’s silly to spend a fortune on expensive candy and jewelry to show someone you love them on this one single day of the year because you’re expected to do so. I believe in doing small things every day to show my love for my special someone, and that’s way more meaningful than an expensive Valentine’s Day gift. But there’s nothing wrong with showing your sweetie a little extra love. That’s why my boyfriend and I take a casual approach to Valentine’s Day. We can think of many more frugal, less over-the-top ways to say “I love you” than blowing our savings on a fancy dinner out and marked-up jewelry – so I’d like to share with you some of our ideas for making the day special.

1. Skip the fancy dinner and expensive bottle of wine and cook together at home. This is probably what we’ll be doing on the big day because we love cooking together. Think of how much you could save by only having to pay for the ingredients of the recipe. Make a romantic table setting complete with candles and wine, and you’ll be glad you stayed in.
2. If you really want to get dressed up and go out, cook at home first then go out for dessert. You know how you always see amazing-looking desserts on the menu but you’re too full from the entrée to order them? You can if that’s all you’re going for!
3. See what free or inexpensive events are going on in your area. Perhaps there’s a free concert or a cheap play you could see at the local university. I was able to turn up a few events in my area with a quick Google search.
4. Look at pictures of yourselves as a couple from the time you met until the present. You’ll remember events or conversations you hadn’t thought of in ages, and taking a trip down memory lane together will make you feel closer. If you’ve kept mementos from your relationship, pull those out too.
5. Consider DIY gifts. I always make my boyfriend some type of baked good for holidays or his birthday – last Valentine’s Day I made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Sounds fancy, but they were so easy to make and of course he loved them! Other great DIY gifts are scrapbooks or a letter that tells your honey how much you love him or her.
6. If you’re going to get your sweetie roses, don’t order them from the florist! They’ll be marked way up for the big day. I’ve received some beautiful bouquets that came from the local supermarket, and they actually lasted longer than flowers from the florist did. Sure, they’ll still be marked up at the grocery store, but you won’t have to pay excessive delivery fees or anything else. And another tip: consider something other than roses to save even more.

Above all, just enjoy your evening together. Your Valentine will treasure the memories you created together long after her roses have wilted away. And with our tips, both of you can have a special day without the credit card debt as a reminder.

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