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The Benefits of Drinking Water

why you should drink more water

It is hard to find an argument for not drinking water on a daily basis. While we know we should, many of us do not get the amount of water that we need. This can be especially problematic when we substitute soda and juice as an alternative, which can increase monthly spending and have an impact on our health. Drinking more water has many advantages and is an easy change to implement into your daily routine. Plus, it’s free! You can’t argue with a free resource that has such an impact on our well-being. If you aren’t convinced, here are 6 great benefits of downing more H2O.

1. Drinking water helps to build muscle and lose weight. Forget fad diets and grab a water bottle if you need help shedding that last 5 pounds.
2. Hot outside? Water helps regulate your body temperature. Oh so important during the summer!
3. Drinking water has been proven to help your digestive system process foods and stay on track.
4. Want a good report from the dentist? Drinking water will help wash away sugars and the fluoride in tap water builds strong teeth.
5. Feeling weighed down by a weekend of dining out and drinking? Water will help your body flush those toxins.
6. If you need a pick-me-up, drinking water has been linked to increased focus. Pass on the coffee and hit the water fountain to get you through the workday.

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