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National Debt Relief Program

federal debt relief program

A national debt relief program can sound like a great “quick fix” to your debt problems. You’ve probably seen more than a few spam advertisements floating around out there promising an easy solution to make all your debt problems go away. I’ve even received a few that indicate that I can qualify for a “government grant” to get out of debt. But if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the news, you are probably well aware that the government is not in any position to be giving away money to help its private citizens get out of debt when we just had to raise the national debt ceiling.

Is There a Federal Debt Relief Program?

As tempting as it sounds, there are no instant/quick fixes out there that will get you completely out of debt without some commitment of time and effort on your part. Are there debt relief programs that can help you? Absolutely. Are they government sponsored and free to you? Highly unlikely.

If you are looking to get out of debt, there are options available. CESI’s nonprofit credit counseling is one option that may suit you perfectly. With a credit counseling agency, you will be counseled about your individual situation and will be presented with choices that best fit your needs. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to debt relief, and the option that is best suited to you may not be right for everyone. Some of the options that might be recommended for you include:
• Ongoing financial education
Debt management plan (DMP)
Bankruptcy consultation or counseling
Housing counseling
• Other debt relief programs such as settlement

It’s important to realize that you have choices – and with each choice YOU will play the central role in making that option work for your situation. For example, with a debt management plan your credit counselor will be making payments each month to your enrolled creditors – which is easy and convenient for you! But without your commitment to making scheduled payments each month to your DMP, those creditors would not be paid. There is no way around the fact that getting and staying debt free will take a bit of effort on your part – but the end result is so very worth it!

So if you’ve been looking for a national debt relief program to get you out of debt quick, don’t fall prey to deceptive advertising. Stick with a reputable company that has a history of helping people just like you get out of debt and stay out of debt. Call us today for a free consultation and get started on the path to financial freedom!

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