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Make Childcare Affordable by Forming a Babysitting Co-Op

affordable childcare

When you make the decision to stay home and care for your children, living with less disposable income often requires creative solutions. Staying at home eliminates a big expense since you don’t need to pay for daycare or babysitting. Yet all moms (and dads) still need time to get a haircut, go to the doctor or attend a class without their kids. And don’t forget the occasional date night. (Falling asleep over a gourmet meal after the kids go to sleep doesn’t count!)Forming a babysitting co-op allows you to stay on budget, conduct important business and maintain your sanity.

If you’re lucky, you already live in a neighborhood with other parents who have small children. If not, don’t worry. You have lots of options besides posting a desperate ad on Craigslist.Here are a few tips to get you started!

  •  Get to know other moms at the playground or during story time at the library. When forming a babysitting co-op, it makes the most sense to include parents with similar schedules. For work-at-home parents, you’ll need care throughout the day and possibly on weekends. If you work outside the home, look for other parents who would like to trade babysitting evenings and weekends.
  •  If you don’t know the other moms well, take some time to get to know each other before agreeing to begin a babysitting co-op. Let the kids get to know each other too. After all, they’re the ones who will end up spending the most time together. A few play dates, including lunch or snack time will give everyone the chance to become better acquainted. You don’t have to be best friends with someone to have a successful babysitting co-op. However, trust is important.
  •  It helps to create a set of basic rules about expectations for care. Some items to consider might be whether the kids will take naps, what kinds of activities will take place and how to handle problem behavior. Of course, every child should have their own emergency card with contact numbers, allergies and other important issues noted. Each mom in the co-op receives a set of emergency cards for the kids.
  •  Be flexible when creating and participating in a babysitting co-op. Obviously, you care for your child better than anyone else. However, being around other kids and adults helps your child as much as it benefits you. Your child learns how to get along with others, becomes comfortable in different environments and gets a chance to see how other families live.

A babysitting co-op provides a creative solution for parents to have a babysitter and stay on budget. Every parent needs care for their children at least occasionally. Although you may not be able to pay for child care, forming a babysitting co-op offers a solution any parent can afford. You and your child might even build friendships through your co-op that last into the future.

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1 Response to Make Childcare Affordable by Forming a Babysitting Co-Op

  1. menajera says:

    However, the charges may go up in case of weekend childcare services.
    rre getting potential babysitters who can do the job perfectly.

    Some parents poist advertisements online
    and at other public places like stores but this opion is not recommended not only because it is more time-consuming since you will most likely have to interview a lott of candidates but also
    it can be very risky.

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