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How to Save $100 a Month

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I recently ran across a great article that outlined ways you could help yourself save up to $100 a month. Many of the suggestions are things my wife and I have done as money has gotten tighter. I’m sure many of them can work for you. Here are a few of my favorites. Start saving now and you could have upwards of $100 saved in about a month!

One of the simplest items on the list is dumping your home phone and just using your cell phone. There came a point where I realized we weren’t using the land line for anything. We were just throwing away $35-$40 a month. If you have a cell phone, you should consider dumping your home phone, too.

Have satellite or cable TV? Check your plan. Do you really have to spend the extra $10-$20 for premium channels you probably rarely watch? Another easy way to save money every month. You can stream videos and TV shows online or rent movies at Redbox for a fraction of the cost of cable.

I was just reading an article about the price of movies going up. It’s getting ridiculous to take the family to see a movie on the big screen. On the other hand, movies come out so quickly on DVD once they’ve been released, why not wait a couple of months and enjoy a night at home with the family? Pop some popcorn, cuddle up under a blanket and save another $30-$40.

Want a really simple way to save? Don’t buy your lunch at work everyday. Make yourself a sandwich or a salad. It might even be healthier for you, and it’s sure to save you a bunch of cash. Even better, make up some of your favorite meals and freeze them for work lunches.

And what about your bank account? There’s no reason for you to have a checking account that charges you fees. Shop around in your area and you’re sure to find a local bank that doesn’t charge you just to have an account with them. You can probably find a bank that will refund your ATM charges, too.

What are your favorite ways to come up with some quick cash when you’re trying to save?

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