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Five Ways Teens Can Make Money This Summer

money-making ideas for teens

When summer comes and your teen takes a break from homework and classes, the two things they’ll ask for are the car and some money. If they’re a safe driver, let them take the car for a spin – but tell them to earn their own money this summer. It’ll teach them responsibility and help them understand the value of a dollar. Not sure what they can do?

Here are five ways teens can make money this summer

1.Start a Flyer Service for Local Businesses: This is a summer money-making idea entrepreneurial-inclined teens will enjoy. Businesses need to advertise, and your teenager can help them do it. Here’s how it works. Your teen goes out to local businesses and offers to design a flyer advertising their business – and distribute it to local homes. Lots of retail store owners and restaurants would like to market with flyers, but they don’t have time to make one – or hand it out. That’s where your teen comes in. Store owners benefit by getting more business, and your teen wins by earning money and getting some exercise.

2. Teach a skill to someone else: Another satisfying way to make money as a teenager is to tutor local kids at the junior high or high school level who may be struggling through some of the same courses your teen took in the past. It’s a good refresher, and it’s rewarding helping someone else learn.To market this business, your teen can post flyers in libraries, churches and schools advertising their service and leave business cards with teachers and guidance counselors. To make even more money, they can tutor more than one student at a time – especially if they’re a whiz kid. And here’s another twist on tutoring: If your teen is a senior who aced the SAT exam, they can host a Saturday morning SAT training course to prepare kids who plan on taking the exam. If tutoring isn’t your teen’s thing, he or she probably has another special talent such as juggling, telling jokes or playing an instrument. They can hold Saturday classes showing other teens how to do it. Tutoring and teaching isn’t just restricted to school subjects.

3. Make Those Cars Sparkle: Another way teenagers can make summer spending money is by washing cars. Find a local parking lot – and rent the space one day a week for your teen to set up a car wash for the day. If you do it on a Saturday, your teen will probably need help meeting the demand. Urge him to team up with other local teens and make it a joint venture. It’s a great way to get a little exercise and vitamin D from the sun while earning some bucks.

4. Opportunities for Pet Lovers: People love their pets and treat them as members of the family. This means there are opportunities for teens to pet-sit, offer a dog walking service, or even shovel poop from backyards. Dog walking and poop disposal is also good exercise, especially if your teen has eaten a few too many hot dogs and needs to work them off. These summer money-making ideas will go over well with teens who are animal lovers.

5. Shop for Local Seniors: Teens that can drive can start a senior grocery shopping service. There are thousands of shut-ins who need someone to bring in the groceries and do other errands for them. Network with seniors in your neighborhood, and spread the word at local churches and other favorite senior haunts. Post a notice in a church bulletin. Don’t be surprised when the phone won’t stop ringing.

The Bottom Line? Let your kid be inspired by these money-making ideas for teens. They’ll build character and ensure they won’t come begging to you for money all summer.

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