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Date Night Under $20

cheap date night

Dates can definitely be expensive, from $80 dinners to $40 at the movies to $20 in gas driving around town. For those of us on a limited budget, it’s hard to be active on the dating scene while trying to be frugal. I was able to achieve a date night for under $20 last weekend. It wasn’t easy, but my girlfriend appreciated it more than any of our expensive dates.

To start out the night, cook something for your special someone. Whether you’re male or female, this may seem like a daunting task, but you can do it! The key is to keep it simple and manageable. I chose to make guacamole and delicious chicken quesadillas. I promise your date will appreciate a good, homemade dinner over a typical $20 plate at a restaurant. Just remember to keep it smooth – save the dishes/cleaning up for later.

A great after-dinner option is a slow walk around a local park at night if the weather is nice (bonus points for brisk weather when you both need to stay bundled together!). Another alternative is going to a local science museum to look at their planetarium or cruise a local art exhibit. Be creative – don’t let the fact that it’s free take away from doing your homework to find the coolest places.

If your date likes live music, find a bar/venue for free local music. It’s going to take some Google work, but find some reviews on the band so you two can actually enjoy the music. For the more reserved date, go to a local cafe for a poetry or open-mic night. Usually some good laughs and moments result.

If you still haven’t entertained your date enough, try a game that just two people can play. My favorite is candy poker. Find out your date’s favorite candy beforehand and substitute it for money, then play a few hands of poker. You’ll both have fun and it’s a great way to spend some less formal time with your date.

Having a successful under $20 date is all about doing your homework and being creative. If you wait till the last minute, you’re likely to guarantee your last date with the person. Do some internet searching and don’t be afraid to take risks – dates love to see personality more than a wallet!

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