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Creative Ways to Make Extra Cash

ways to make money on the side

In this economy, with so many people either unemployed or under-employed, many of us are looking for ways to make money on the side. I’m one of them! I’ve been asking our readers to share with us the ways they earn extra income, and here’s what they said.

Monica makes money selling her artwork to friends and family. She posted pictures of her work on Facebook, and people starting asking to buy specific pieces. She’s also had people ask for custom paintings. Her specialty is comic book characters and super heroes. Monica has also set up an Etsy page to sell custom golf balls painted with images of movie characters.

Ashe also uses Facebook to sell her artwork. She crafts earrings and other pieces of art, then promotes her work on her Facebook page, Art by Ashe.s. She has also sold it at First Friday celebrations. Ashe also works on the weekend doing Fire and Flow Art performances.

Justin has managed to turn a weekend hobby into something that makes him extra cash. He started throwing darts several years ago, then joined a dart league and starting practicing more often. He now goes out to a few tournaments each week and often walks away with an extra $20 to $50 or so in his pocket. Not bad for having fun!

A few years ago, Marshall and his two dogs moved into a new house with a big, fenced in yard. Shortly after he moved in, his sister was going on vacation and asked Marshall to watch her dog, Baxter, so she wouldn’t have to board him for a week. Baxter got along well with Marshall’s dogs, and his sister liked that Baxter had a yard to play in the whole week instead of being boarded up at the kennel. That gave Marshall the idea to pet sit, so now he frequently makes extra cash watching his friends’ dogs when they go on vacation.

Chris, a senior in college majoring in math, tutors middle school and high school kids having trouble with math. He advertises his services on Craigslist and on fliers around town, then charges by the hour. He recommends this as a good way for college students or anyone with expertise in a particular subject to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Several of our readers have mentioned using rewards programs and survey sites like MyPoints and Swagbucks to earn cash or gift cards. You can check out our past blog reviewing a number of rewards programs.

Now tell us, what do you do to make a little extra cash?

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